A Study of the Bengal Tiger; the Pride of India

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The Bengal tiger is the second biggest tiger, but the most ferocious in the world. this beast is integral to Indian culture and is also worshiped by the villagers. It is under threat and 'operation tiger' is launched to save the animal.


Anybody who is fond of wild life cannot but be fascinated by the tiger. It is one animal that fires the imagination of man. The Bengal tiger out of all tiger species is the second largest tiger, next only to the Siberian tiger and has his home in the Sunderbans in India and Bangla Desh. In both countries the tiger is a symbol of national pride.
the Indian tiger is spread across the country, but the Bengal tiger is the most cunning and ferocious of all Indian tiger species..
In India the tiger has a special place and is also worshiped as a god.

The Sunderbans

But in this article, I would like the reader to learn about the Bengal tiger who inhabits the Sunderbans. The Sunderbans is a vast delta which is intersected by a complex network of natural waterways, and small shallow islands and mangrove trees. During high tide much of the area is covered by water and during low tide the tree trunks and the mud islands come into view.The Sunderban is a naturists delight and this forest is unique in the world.

The Bengal Tiger

In such an environment the Bengal tiger has made his home. It is the only tiger that lives in water logged forests and by default is an amphibious beast that can swim long distances. Such tigers are a rarity in the world and don't exist anywhere else.

An estimated 500 tigers have a home in this area. But the unique aspect of this tiger is that more frequently than not, the beasts residing in these swamps turn man eaters. This is a phenomenon that again does not exist anywhere else in the world, where the tiger becomes a man eater only if he becomes old and cannot hunt his prey or is incapacitated in any way.

But the tigers of the Sunderbans thrive on human flesh and an estimated 250-300 villagers fall prey to the tigers in the sunder bans every year. This could be for any reason like shortage of natural prey or the easy availability of humans and less effort involved.

Tiger Worship

The Sunderban tiger is a special type of beast who despite the depredation he brings on the villagers is worshiped by them. The tiger god Daskin Ray is worshiped and there is an annual festival honoring this God. The villagers of this area revere the tiger and teh tiger idol is to be found in many temples in this area.
The annual festival is a gala affair and teh villagers celebrate and pray to Daskin Ray, teh tiger god.

Characteristics of the Bengal Tiger

The Sunderbans tiger is also a cunning animal and there have been numerous episodes of this beast stealthily approaching a boat and carrying away one of the crew. In such episodes the beast moves stealthily and follows the boat before catching one of the crew at an appropriate time and making away with his prey into the forest

Last Word

The Bengal tiger is the pride of Bangla desh and India and the Indian government in particular has launched operation tiger to save this species from becoming extinct. We must all ensure that this magnificent beast is not allowed to become extinct. It is the responsibility of all of us including the government and the wild life experts to see that this species thrives.


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Great star page Madan. A fascinating read. They certainly are magnificent animals.

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Great pics of the tiger- a great animal!

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Save the tiger, human dwellings are really putting this beautiful animal habitat in danger!

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Very powerful...thank you Madan...

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