A Unique, Inexpensive Hobby - How to Collect Pez Dispensers

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Describes a unique, inexpensive hobby - collecting Pez dispensers

Pursue a Unique, Inexpensive Hobby – Collect Pez Dispensers

If you are looking for a fun, unique and inexpensive hobby that can be enjoyed by both children and adults – then collecting Pez dispensers is for you. Pez was one of the first, if not the first, interactive candies. Pez candies are not only fun to eat, but the Pez dispenser is fun to play with.

History of Pez

The word Pez comes from the first, middle and last letters for the German word for peppermint – “Pffefferminz.” Peppermint was the first Pez flavor ever produced. Each Pez dispenser holds 12 candies in a variety of flavors. Pez candies were first created in Austria in 1927. Pez candies are now manufactured in the state of Connecticut. Over 3 billion Pez candies are consumed in the United States each year alone, and Pez candies are distributed and consumed in over 60 countries.

Pez - A Cultural Phenomenon

Pez dispensers are a cultural phenomenon and are highly collectable. Collecting Pez dispensers is so popular that there are several Pez conventions held throughout the United States each year. Pez dispensers capture a snapshot of society. Pez dispensers have been, and are currently, made in the form of movie characters, cartoon charters, university mascots, sports items, and inanimate objects like cars and trucks. The fact that Pez dispensers have been made to represent so many different aspects of society is what makes Pez dispensers so collectible.

An Inexpensive Hobby

While most Pez dispensers cost a dollar or less, some of the rarest and most collectible Pez dispensers (for example Mickey Mouse) have sold for over $5000. Because so many different types of Pez dispensers have been made, you can specialize your collection in any number of particular areas that interest you.

How to Get Started

There have been many books written about Pez dispensers and there are many websites that provide information on Pez dispensers. Pez dispensers can be purchased today in your local retail store or you can visit eBay or other online retailers to start your collection.


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