A Unique Guide To Living In The Present Time

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I will explore a very unique take on fortune telling in this series of sections.

Ideally making a better now, instead of trying to perfectly predict and control the future

Happiness is made in the feelings you have about the present, not in some future far off or in a past that was "better than this now that is happening". We all preach what we need to practice, so I am preaching what I genuinely practice most of the time: I try to work with the present instead of trying to make too perfect a future or remember "a great past that was better than this now" so to speak. Fear of the future, and whining about how bad the past was does not make better in any way anyhow. Sometimes, I complain to my Mother about the past and then "mysteriously" stop complaining realizing that now is the only genuine time I can do anything about and the future is "unspent change" that I have to wait for to become the next present time I can do something about. So, I will put it another way:

Crying about how the past could have been better, and fearing the future will not make anything better, let alone worse. Indeed, I quote and paraphrase Dr. Robert Anthony, and Dr. Albert Einstein on this one: If you keep doing what you are doing with futility and expecting a different result, you will keep getting what you are getting which is a definition of insanity. Sanity is flexibility ultimately and ultimate sanity in my reality is flexibility in the present time, not promised flexibility and understanding in the future or trying to live in the past differently.

So, what does what I have to say do with fortune telling and prophecy? It is simply this: The better you live in the present, the better your past will be, and the future should be ignored until it is the present. I did not say that I do this perfectly, I am simply mentioning an ideal. After all, take future foretelling to the negative extreme and it is ineffectual mystical prognostication without fulfillment, like the Jewish sect that randomly predicted the second coming of Jesus three or four times and it never happened. Live in the present time to the opposite extreme, and think with simple logic and honesty about things instead of living in the concrete past or "predicted future" and what happens? More likely than not, you will have a happier and saner life instead of "predicting everything going wrong every five minutes".

The clock of reality

Everything then, is the present and we always have to live in it. We have to confront it realistically. Without that realism, we fear emptily or even worse, live in the past in a self-destructive way.

So, when I say that phrase "the clock of reality" as the title of this section, I mean we must live in the present without let up and make it good within the genuine bounds of reality we find ourselves in. I did not say deny that there are things sometimes that "we cannot work with". But, I did say realistically deal with it all, planned and unplanned. So, when I think of what reality comes down to as a genuine whole, one word comes to mind: "Present!" That is where all of the current and genuine secrets of the universe exist: The Present. The future is unspent, and the past is the tell-tale sign, but the present is where it all exists. Now is always the honest moment however we do it.

Perfection, the ultimate mind created concept

Perfection, let us now face it, now that you have tasted a little of my thinking, perfection is part of the concrete "good past". It is a mind created ideal from what happened great in the past. It is not part of the present happenings or future happenings good or bad because we are making the present, and the future has not happened yet.

So, realistically, perfection is the ultimate mind created concept if there ever was one. There is no such thing in the present, but there sure is such a thing in the past, and the future is the ultimate unmade bed. The present is "getting into the bed, lying in it and doing the deed." The present is where life is, not perfection. Perfection is that ideal past, or future ideal, but not the present. Now is where all action, work and honesty are at. This is the clock of reality in the now. Everything else before or after it does not matter except as a reference. This is it, this is your time. Visualize a great James Earl Jones or Charlton Heston voice saying that last line, because that is all you are getting from me in that respect: This is it, this is your time. This is the now.


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