A Winter's Walk with Leo

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Leo takes us through his winter walk. Read on to find out more.

A Winter's Walk with Leo

I am Leo, eleven and a half years young, and I like to go out no matter what the weather. My master says I have never grown up, and as I get older I become more of a baby, but I am not stupid, babies get lots of cuddles, and I like cuddles.

Every day when my mistress Carol comes downstairs dressed, then I know it's my time, time to go for a walk, so I jump about and bark until she takes me out, it's not that hard to get through to her.

She's not keen about the frost on the ground, and it is slippery, but she's picked up my lead now, so off we go, out into the glen, which is looking very inviting, the sun is shining, making the frost glitter.

Bishopstone Glen

We walk through the glen, at this time of year the trees are bare, and you can see from one side to another. I like the windy paths, there are plenty of interesting things for me to sniff, and no reason to hurry.

I see she has her doggie bag ready, so I need to do my business, and then she will put it in the bin, which is near to the top of the cliffs. That is where the car park is, and lots of people come to this area to walk their dogs. My favourite part is going on the beach, where I can paddle to my heart's content, and even roll in the muddy parts.

We walk to Reculver

Sometimes Carol takes me along the beach to Reculver. It's a long walk, and I love it, I pull of the seaweed and eat it on the way, but then I have to run to catch her up. She scolds me for eating it, but I love the taste, I am sure it's good for me.

We meet other dogs all having fun, and I usually manage to find a ball or a toy to take home with me. Well a chap's got to live up to his name, and I am a retriever! Today I find a cuddly toy, but mum says we must leave that behind, because it might be precious to a little child. I love children, they always want to stroke me, and they need protecting..

I don't mind the cold.

Everybody we see has got big coats, scarves and gloves, Carol is also wearing a hood, as she says if her head is warm, then all of her is warm. Some of the little dogs have knitted winter coats on too, but I am a tough guy, my fur is thick, and cold never affects me.

I completely forget that the ice is slippery when I bound across to catch up with Carol, and I skid along a bit, she laughs at me and says I look like a cartoon dog. I like to make her laugh, walks are fun for both of us. I am going to stop for a sniff now, that is a very important part of our walk.

Heading back

We have been out about an hour now, and now we are heading back. We come off the beach, and now we have challenges ahead. The slope would be the obvious choice, but it's still covered in ice. I suddenly have an idea.

I run ahead of Carol, there is a piece of land jutting out to sea we call the headland, and it has no ice in the middle part, the sun has melted it, so we can walk safely up it. Here I go, and I look back just to make sure she's got the message, and will follow me. Good girl, she knows what I mean, sometimes these humans can be quite intelligent!

Nearly home

The sun is still shining as we walk along the glen to our house. Some of the frost has melted, but there are still patches, so I am a bit more cautious, and I notice Carol is walking right at the edge where it's clear. My mistress knows the art of self preservation, and she praises me for leading her up the safe part of the headland.

I love every bit of praise I get, and my tail rarely stops wagging. I love my life, and my family. I have people who love me, and a couple of cats who love me, Max and Mia. When I get home, they will be waiting to share the fire with me and I can't wait. Carol will put the kettle on, and I will have a nice snooze. HAPPY WINTER WALKS EVERYONE.
My thanks to Youtube for the video, the images are my own

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