A day with Daisy.

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This article will let you in of a day with Daisy, who is our lovely Golden Retriever. And trust me it is not a day of a normal dog.

A morning with Daisy.

I thought I would left you guys in of a Day of being Daisy, if you haven't read any of my articles before (Which I think you should), then Daisy is our Wonderful Golden Retriever born on July 22, 2010. Made in Izmir, Turkey. When we first saw her she was so little and petite but looked so loving. So we got her.
I must tell you, the first few months was not easy, but now when we look back, we can't help to laugh about it. We have figured out that she is VERY human. Scary but so cute.

12:00 - Daisy loves sleeping in, if you wake her up in the morning you won't get her to move, she is mumble and talk but eventually go back to bed. So 12:00 is when we all wake up now, and Daisy normally talks for about 5 mins. If you don't own a Golden Retriever then when they talk it means they kind of mumble cry. It is hard to explain but they do it out of happiness and it is adorable.
When we give up, my boyfriend goes to buy some fresh baked bread with Daisy and she carries the news paper back. In the mean time, I give her fresh water and makes her food ready.
I can tell you this dog loves food, I know all dogs do, but gosh can she eat. After she is done, she will lye out on the balcony while we eat inside on the table and she will keep peaking with her one eye and if you put your arm in the air she will get up quickly and look for food. As she thinks we are throwing her food.
For some reason she love vegetables, I always throw her a cucumber or two if there is left overs.

An afternoon with Daisy.

14:00 Is when we went on the beach, Daisy is known on the beach front. The dogs and the people knows here. You will hear her name at least 5 times, when you walk along the beach and she always puts her cute face on and gets treats from them.
The real reason we go to the beach is for Daisy to get dirty in the sand and go swimming.
She loves it, not just swimming but running around and jumping and putting all of her face in the water.
Most of the time she gets the other dogs in their as well. And I can tell you if she is not done swimming she will not come home.
After that a long walk on the beach to dry out.

A late afternoon with Daisy.

16:00 Finally back home and it is time for paw cleaning and a good round of brushing.
I usually go home before my boyfriend because he sits and talks to his friends and I get restless, patient is not a word I know of.
When ever we are apart Daisy knows, so when we got inside she always sits and waits on the balcony for a scooter sound or until she seems him. So cute.
But today I had other plans for me and Daisy.

A night with Daisy.

19:00 Daisy loves getting trained because it involves food. So I thought today I would learn her the 'Head Down' trick, which worked great after that we played around a little bit, then I thought I would get Daisy's help to put the Christmas decorations on the tree.
Let me just say, she brought a few of them some of them broke and the rest got thrown in the air.
At the end of the night Daisy had the glitter all over her which was suppose to go on my decorations. But she managed to keep her xmas hat on all night.
I am not a big fan on dressing dogs up but she has her football tops a water proof shirt and a few Christmas hats.

20:00 It is time for Daisy's run of the day, she runs along the bike while my boyfriend bikes over to put the weekend bet on football. And Daisy comes in the shop like she is another person waiting to put a bet on.
After that back home too me, and play ball a little bit.

21:00 Daisy is restless and sitting starring at me like I have never seen it before, she is hungry and it is time for her last meal. Every time she goes swimming she eats and drinks like a horse. Pedigree all the way.
She is lovely, I can tell you guys so much. But my fingers are getting tired. It is time for us to watch some TV, if Daisy is lucky we might watch 'Air buddy.'
Good night, I hope everybody will sleep tight.
& Merry Christmas from the Daisy family.



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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Dec 2010 (#)

sounds like a fun dog, you should read some of Denise O's dog stories too.

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author avatar Denise O
12th Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you Mark. I have a few more coming out soon.:)
I just loved this! All of it.
The story, the pictures and your lovely Daisy.
Too darn cute! Wonderful job!
Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Denise O
14th Dec 2010 (#)

I love your profile picture change.:)

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author avatar Jerry Walch
23rd Jan 2011 (#)

Daisy is beautiful indeed.

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author avatar S.Hunter
23rd Jan 2011 (#)

Thank you very much :)

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