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"If you do what you have been doing, you will get what you have been getting. If you like your results, fine. If you do not like your results, change your actions." This may be a very old quote, but it is in the vein of what this series of articles on prophecy and divination are really going to be (with a few unusual twists of course that will be interesting). It is an article considering the effects of cause and effect when working with all events, past and future. This will be good read on.

If you have to consider the odds of success of an action, do not do the action, do something certain.

Actions are a funny thing, they can be good or bad, regardless of if they are in the past, present or future. Considering cause and effect themselves is better than considering the odds of "how the action will come out". Considering the genuine good and bad of any action logically, reasonably and in a profitable for self and profitable for others with yourself in an I win and you win way.

So, in this vein, I would like to say something else: Hindsight can be clear, foresight can seem muddy or unclear unless you are absolutely sure about what you are doing, and even then there are variables that can "make things interesting". What I mean by "make things interesting" is that an action can be like a flight that needs lots of course corrections before you make it to your destination or goal. Sure, I like the smooth as much as anyone else, but even if things are at their smoothest, they will need some work to be done right. This is where the last part of the section title comes in where it says "do not do the action, do something certain". If you want total certainty, do not do it. If you want to make it work and are willing to work, do what needs and wants to be done. That is the best way to predict and control the future. It may seem like an overbearing approach, but consistent correction and vigilance is the best approach if you want to get things done in reality.

As I close this first section, the best way to divine the future is to have iron grip control over what you are doing in the present, and make the right corrections so that you can have a good future. Certainty, indeed, is only in the past and just passed present. But the present and future are made by you through not lazy, iron clad actions that work.


When considering reality, consider the fluidity of thought and action. You can do what you want to, but, ultimately it will lead you down a road of cause and effect you choose by the actions you take. In short, there is always a fork in the road that leads to good for you or bad for you. But what that good is, or what that bad is to be for you is not always the clearest until after you take the path. So, it is indeed important that you consider all choices fully in reality without coloring them too much with what you desire them to be. As my Mother likes to say: "Hindsight is 20/20", and I add to her saying "foresight most of the time seems to be 20/1000." But foresight can be perfect at crucial periods though. Your mind may sell you out, but your genuine and pure intuition if really listened to, never will sell you out because it is not someone else making a sales pitch to you. It is coming from within you, yourself. It isw coming from the spirit, super consciousness, God or whatever you want to call the source of existence. My point is simple, before you consider anything else, consider reality. Before you impress others, understand yourself and be intelligent and genuinely impressive to yourself. That is the most important part of the best way to live.

So, think dilligently about this salient point: Reality above all else, because in the past, present, future and all, you have to live in it and with it. So, make it a good and great reality to live in.

With that said, a genuine loser tries to know and impress others fully without knowing themselves. The genuine winner tries to know themselves, impress themselves and take care of themselves well and fully through the vehicle of reality. Losers live in a fantasy world "fueled by a good past" and future they would rather not live. Winners can give and take it all in the right way, past, present and future.

The best way to live is to live fully in reality without fear or fantasy. The ultimate fantasy is feeling like a winner at the expense of other people, and embezzling your self-esteem from others in a destructive manner.

So, here is the Joshua Clayton key to foretelling the future hidden in a seemingly innocuous story about a talk show host named Shirley (I forget her last name) when she had Celine Dion on as a guest: Once there was a talk show host, she had Celine Dion on as a guest, she tried to make fun of Celine, and even showed her as a kid with crooked teeth and an ugly dress, and if I remember correctly she was cancelled about five episodes later after that episode of that talk show came on.

The point to that little story about the talk show host if you did not get it is about how good self esteem and not living in a fantasy about how great you are in the eyes of others help genuinely and positively predict your future. Celine Dion is still singing in Vegas and/or doing her thing at this writing. The talk show host is nowhere to be found even in an in-depth internet search. Sure, the point is simple, but the reality is most importantly complex. Part of the point is, when you try to impress others without being genuinely intellectual and impressive to yourself primarily and in a sensible way, you destroy yourself and your credibility to yourself and others. The rest of the point is within the realities we all live. For credibility comes from genuinely intelligent choices based on reality, not on what is desired, wanted or feared in the fantasies of what is in the mind. Reality is what it is, and it can only be changed by changing the path you really are on. I know how that sounds, but I will spell out how I mean it. I do not mean that "the world is flat and that is that", not that at all. I do mean that your own judgement, no matter what, must be used to live properly in reality. The hereafter and the future will take care of themselves if you do it right, now.


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1st Jun 2015 (#)

I enjoyed it honey, as always. I hope you have a great day! <kiss>

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12th Jun 2015 (#)

I love your work honey and I love your mind.

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