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Although we try to give you as much freedom as we can, there is a short list of things that we simply do not like you doing on Wikinut.

Using copyrighted material

Original material is the foundation of Wikinut. We want all our users to publish their own experiences, thoughts, knowledge and guidance. Wikinut is not a home for second hand information.

Therefore, we take a hard line against any form of copyright abuse by our authors, who have all agreed to our terms of use. Although each and every case is different, our general approach is to simply remove any content that infringes copyright.

It is simply a waste of time if we have to remove content for these reasons, so please - don't do it.

Writing dodgy content

We want Wikinut to offer as wide a range of topics as possible. We love our authors to share every aspect of their knowledge, and we ask our moderators to have a light touch in terms of censorship.

However, our terms of use outline the types of content we do not allow to be published. As much as we respect an individual's right to free speech, there are some clear lines that have to be drawn.

We'd appreciate it if you would honour our rules and decline from writing anything that contravenes our terms of use. We also publish our content guidelines if you need further examples.

Generating fraudulent clicks

To ensure the system is fair for both authors and advertisers, we do not tolerate anybody found guilty of clicking on adverts without any interest in the advertised product or service.

We use a custom monitoring system that tracks each user and filters out any clicks deemed to be suspicious using a combination of tracked characteristics. This means that any clicks we flag as suspicious will not appear in an author's statistics and that author will not get any revenue associated with those clicks. The same applies for any related moderated or referrer. In addition to this, the vast majority of our advertisers run their own monitoring for fraud, and will report back to us if they see any suspect behaviour.

In short, there is absolutely no point in generating fraudulent advert clicks and anbody found doing so will be in direct conflict of the Wikinut terms of use.


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