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Another article describing a recent creation of mine, a green bicycle made out of a piece of discarded telephone wire. Recycling and color make this bike green in more sense than one.

Discarded wires

Whenever electricians or the telephone company make local repairs, they tend to leave snippings of short wire lying around. These are of no real use to the electricians, being to short for ordinary use (they could be used for minute connections or they could be welded back to longer wires but they are rarely saved for such recycling). On the other hand, this is perfectly good metal which certainly deserves to be recycled.

Sculpting in wire

Sculpting in wire is a well known art method and is a great way to recycle these discarded wires. When I used to give an art course years ago, I would always keep an eye out for these wires which I would then bring to class. I will perhaps write an article at a later date discussing methods of sculpting in wire. For now, I'll content myself with sharing a recent creation which I made on my way to work with a small piece of green wire that got stuck in my shoe lace.

Wire bikes

I have always liked the elegant and simple construction of wire bikes. It seems that these are particularly suited for a medium like wire where little is lost from the lack of 3-D volume which is one of the limiting factors that usually needs to be overcome when sculpting in wire. I particularly liked the notion of making a green bike since it is also a play on words. By recycling, I am being helping the environment in my own humble way and thus my bike is green also in the sense social sense of the word and not just in the optic one.


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