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The Wikinut editor gives you some easy control over the format of your text, the ability to add links to other pages, plus a preview option to see the results. Our quick guide shows you how.

Adding formatting

You notice some formatting buttons above each section. These allow you to add bold and italic styles to words or phrases within your content. Using these is dead easy.

Simply highlight the words you want to style (by dragging your mouse over) and then press the Bold or Italics buttons. The Wikinut editor will then put the formatting tags around your chosen text.

You can see in the screenshot that I've added tags around the word bold - these tags are then used to format the text appropriately when your article is shown to a reader.

Clearing formatting

Don't worry about experimenting with formatting as it is easy to remove. In the same way you'd highlight text to add formatting, you can highlight a whole area of text from where you want to clear all styles.

Once highlighted, just press the Clear Formatting button and the editor will remove all styles from that section of text.

Article previews

There's another button in the formatting menu called Preview. This allows you to view a section as it will look when published on the site - including all formatting and images. You can use this to check that your content looks as you're expecting it to, and correct and errors before it is published.

A few other things

You may have seen some articles with a menu at the top - these are quick links to each of the sections below. They are a nice way for readers to quickly scan your article. This is our automatic table of contents, and it will be added to any article that has at least 3 sections.

As for the other buttons in the formatting header, for help with images see Uploading images to Wikinut and for help with links read Adding links into Wikinut articles.


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