A guide to understanding left handed violins and violinists.

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A content to understand left-handed violins and violinists.

What It Takes To Play The Violin Left-handed

Creating a product in the industry requires knowing the needs of the consumer, which is why we have a higher rate of right-handed violins or what we simply call “violin. ” Left-handed instruments are not too popular and can be surprising to some. Isn’t it hard to play the violin by using the left hand? For those who are not used to playing that way, of course, it is hard. But just outside the normalcy, we do have violinists that are left-handed and they have been playing since they could, simply because they can. However, there are still factors that remind us the difficulties when using the left hand than those that are playing the violin on the right.

If you want to learn the violin but you’re left-handed, you don’t have to be frustrated--or worst, learn how to play using your right. There are plenty of left-handed violins in music stores or on online music stores nowadays. All you need to do now is to know whether or not it’s going to be an asset for you.

The Left-handed Violin.

This is an instrument that is just like the standard violin; same in structure and parts, but different in angle when you hold it on your left. Some believe that it’s the opposite when in fact it’s a reflection on what you are used to. It’s just the strings that are placed in reverse. Why do you think you should know this? Simply because knowing your instrument than just looking through pictures is the best strategy you can take before you actually play.

Easier playing and learning.

If you are used to using your left hand, then why not do it like that? Learning to do a thing the other way around because you think it fits you well isn’t a good way for you to practice. This is the same in playing the violin as your left arm is much stronger than the other. This makes your playing techniques all the easier. The one thing you just need to remember is the control on your right.


As what was already said, you just need to make sure that you’re ready to practice using your left when playing the violin. This isn’t just a walk in the park because, in the first place, you’re not that used to utilizing your right hand.
Knowing that your right is weak, you have to make sure to practice with it every time. This side of your body will have to focus on the string techniques as well as getting used to its feel.

Don’t be afraid though because the entire prodigy has their own practices along the way. You just need time, effort, and sacrifice if you really want to learn. As passionate as you are, you still need to go through certain bumps along the road.


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