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A brief trawl through the recent and brief history of male fashion. The rights and many wrongs.

Some things you don't need.

In my forty-four years on the planet I have seen a lot of different fashions. As a young buck, in my early teens, I remember Lois jeans being the denim bottom coverer of choice. In terms of less casual wear, there was Farah (stay press don't you know) trousers, Gabicci cardigans and Bally shoes. Good times. As time passed, Lois was superseded by the juggernaut that is Levi's. Nick Kamen taking off his jeans in a laundromat never seemed so cool.
In the nightclubs, as ever, fashion was eclectic. Combat pants, track suit bottoms, blousy shirts, waistcoats, the ubiquitous Levi's jeans, so many different looks. I remember long tailed shirts, almost New Romantic, being all the rage, as were, for a very brief period, banana boots. Of course there were faux pas, personal and universal. Dungarees were a universal faux pas. With the upper section worn hanging down, this was not a look that was going to last forever! The bumbag, or fanny pack as our American friends like to call them, were all the rage for a while. Available in all colours, materials and varying sizes, the bag one wore around the waist, was practical and umm....fashionable. The fact that it put your back out when over filled and bounced all over an area you never want things to bounce, sounded the death knell for the fanny pack.
The hip hop generation ushered in a whole raft of fashion looks; over size jeans, jackets, everything. Baseball caps over doorags and designer jewellery. A look for a whole generation of would be hip hop stars. Over the years, there have been fads that have caught on that were, for want of a better word, wrong. There was a brief and thankfully, largely ignored, push for berries, even the French did not adopt that one. There was the holster or, how to look instantly like a criminal.
The pass decade has seen the whole sale embrace of pants practically falling off! Even with the advent of skinny jeans, many, in fact the majority seem to still have them hanging mid butt. All these fashions have come, some have gone, some have hung around. There is, however, always the odd item that them press try to foist on an unsuspecting public and try to convince them that it is going to be the next hot thing.
The latest fad that they have tried to impress upon man is the 'man bag'. A clutch bag for a man. Why? The man bag is where I draw the line! Along with male make up - wrong! - and leather pants on anyone who is not a rockstar. What would any man need a clutch bag for? Keys? Pockets. Mobile? Pockets. Money? Pockets still working! A man bag is an item that no man needs to have. Or should have. What men do need is to reintroduce is belts to their wardrobes. That is something for the press to push maybe.


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