ALICE Wants to be Your Personal Shopper

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Not enough time in the day to get everything done that you have to get done? Well, you can add more time to your day by contacting ALICE. ALICE is ready, willing, and able to shop for all your household necessities. She will not only save you time and money, she will deliver them right to your door. ALICE will work for you, as long as you live within the contiguous forty-eight states or in the District of Columbia.


I am a newsletter junky. I received over one-hundred of them in various email in-boxes everyday. I do not read every one of them every day, but I do scan all of them to see if something jumps out at me. That's how I met Alice. Free4Him introduced us. Free4Him is one of those sites that offer freebie samples, discount coupons and the like. As a rule there is not too much that interests me on Free4Him on a daily basis, but curiosity got the better of me when I scanned the pitch about ALICE, so I took the time to investigate further.

ALICE wants to be your personal shopper today.

Unlike my wife who had this thing about needing to walk up and down every aisle in the supermarket even if she knew that she did not need anything from that aisle, I had used online grocery shopping service in the past and was totally satisfied with the service and the quality of the products selected for me. Some of those services even delivered the purchases to my home, whiles others, the ones provided by local supermarkets, required me to pick them up at the store. I still didn't have to spend time running up and down aisle selecting the items and loading them in my cart. They were ready when I got to the store. ALICE is an internet grocery store that stocks over 8,000 items, all your favorite brands, and then delivers your order right to your front door. You do have to open an account with ALICE, but the account is yours for free. Click here to open your free account with ALICE right now.

More benefits when you open a new account with ALICE.

  • When you open a new account with ALICE, you will get a whopping 20 percent off on your first order. This is a one time offer, but it alone makes giving ALICE a try well worth it. What local supermarket gives first time customers a full 20 percent off on their order? None that I have ever heard of!
  • ALICE searches out exclusive coupons on the items you purchase to save you even more money every time you place an order with ALICE.
  • ALICE offers free delivery on any order over 40 dollars. Now that is an offer you cannot refuse.
  • ALICE will reward you for referring your friends. You will earn 3 percent on every order placed with ALICE by one of your referrals.

ALICE make it easy to find the products you need.

ALICE makes it easy for you to find the products that you need quickly. You can search for a specific product by name using the search box at the left end of the tool bar, or you can search for products by the room where they are used i.e. bathroom, laundry, kitchen. The other search options include searching for special sales, coupons, etc.

ALICE not only makes it easy to shop and save money, she tracks all you activity so it is easy to abide by a budget.


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author avatar Austee
8th Jun 2012 (#)

Alice is a great site. We do not have like that here in the Philippines. Perhaps I could open a business just like that.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
8th Jun 2012 (#)

Perhaps you could on a much smaller scale. ALICE actually stocks all the products it sells. There was a similar service called Foods by George operating in upstate New York when I lived back East ran by a man named, yeah, you guessed it, George. He didn't stock the products he sold but shopped several of the local supermarket chains to get his customers the most bang for their buck. You could probably do something like that without too much of a financial investment.

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author avatar Austee
8th Jun 2012 (#)

Yeah, little by little. Your suggestion is much better thing to do first, specially when starting.

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