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Its called cosmic ordering, I tried it out and it seems to be working for me. I asked for more money and in small amounts it does seem to be coming my way. read on and try it out. ASK FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT.


I was absolutely bored out of my mind a few weeks ago, all my mates were busy and the kids were at school and so i decided to get the bus to the library to do some reading.

Whilst in there i found a book just led on a table called cosmic ordering, so i sat down and literally read the whole book and was fascinated.

It basically said that i could change my luck, i needed to know exactly what i wanted, had to visualise how having it would make me feel.

The thing that i really needed is money so i decided to make this my test subject.

I'm also a lover of crystals and visited my local spiritual shop and asked them if they knew of any crystals that can help with gaining abundance and she gave me a list of the below crystals.


I bought them straight away and kept them in pouch in my pocket at all times, after a search on google i found that you are meant to hold the crystals often, with the intent of what you want them t help with, so in my case i held them and silently asked them to help me and the universe to help me get more money.

I also slept with them under my pillow.

A few days later i decided to put £5 on a bingo site i used to play on, within the hour i had won £30, i then used some of the money to buy 2 scratch cards the next day and i won £16, then my door step loan lender called me to say i could have another loan, then some money turned up in my bank that i was convinced shouldn't have been there for another 2 weeks, a friend offered to lend me £20 and i also won another £100 on bingo before the week was out.

Yeah some of the money like the loan id have to pay back, but i wasn't precise when asking the universe for money and i had also read to start off with asking for and really visualising small amounts of money and if you really believe it , then it should manifest, your not supposed to stress about how its gonna get to you or how long its gonna take, and you don't need the crystals, the book said nothing about crystals, i just got them as its something im interested in anyway.

so if you want to try it for yourself id suggest reading up on the subject cosmic ordering as much as you can.

try to be precise about what you want.

start off with small amounts of money if moneys what you are after.

really believe that the universe will give it to you

believe you deserve it

see the money coming to you, visualise how it will make you feel, see it in your purse or wallet and really feel the experience.

have gratitude for whatever the universe provides, if you wanted a tenner and only got a pound still thank the universe, because who knows how it works, it may just be a test to see if you really have faith in it.

ask ask ask away with out feeling guilty.

if you are spiritual you can also get some of the crystals i bought, citrine, peridot, iron pyrite, green aventurine or rose quartz and you can ask your spirit guide or guardian angel to help with your quest to get more money.

know that sometimes the money will not come as money, sometimes the universe will send you a opportunity that leads to money, so keep your eyes open for things like that.

try to ask the universe for what you want often, every day, you can ask out loud or in your head, you can light candles or meditate, its up to you.

I think the key is to know what you want, ask what you want, then don't think about how it will come but just keep on thinking about how you will feel etc when you get it, then it should manifest.

never doubt the power of the universe.


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author avatar vpaulose
13th Dec 2012 (#)

Nice story. thanks.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Dec 2012 (#)

most interesting this...thank you..what you ask for you may get and EVERYTHING that goes with it so when I ask I always say For the Highest Good as a protection...

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author avatar astraldreamer
16th Dec 2012 (#)

try it, it really has been working for me :-)

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author avatar Chris
8th May 2013 (#)

Hi I read your story about cosmic ordering and I am very interested but how do you phrase your questions to the universe how exactly do you say it thanks

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author avatar Chris
8th May 2013 (#)

Hi I read your story about cosmic ordering and I am very interested but how do you phrase your questions to the universe how exactly do you say it thanks

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author avatar Jennifer
18th Apr 2013 (#)

I have been using The Law of Attraction, which is the same thing as cosmic ordering. I, too, use crystals, as they are very powerful and full of energy. It's true that you need to ask for what you want, and feel the joy of having it. I want to add that you need to feel grateful and positive for everything you already have, and have faith that your desires will come true, and just be happy. Ask for what you want and then release it to the universe.

But I say, why think small? If you truly believe, then any amount of abundance you ask for will come true. I am asking the universe for millions of dollars. I am absolutely positive this will manifest, it's just a matter of time. And I am patient and positive.

Thank you for this great article!

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author avatar Ingrid
11th Nov 2015 (#)

I'm so impressed the Universe is Amazing,
I tested two things and came true with in weeks and hours
I'm so thankful Thank you Univers

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