AVG Magic Glasses

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We've all ended up used to facial distinguishment innovation helping us to tag our companions in photographs on the web. There may be times, on the other hand, that you would prefer not to be perceived like this. In view of that, security firm AVG has divulged a model pair of glasses that battle facial distinguishment frameworks.

AVG Magic Glasses

There are surely helpful applications for facial distinguishment. It's broadly utilized as a method for opening cell phones these days and Volvo is utilizing it to recognize when drivers get to be drained or unmindful. As AVG brings up, in any case, people may sensibly need to abstain from being labeled in spontaneous photographs, showing up in huge information ventures, for example, Google's Street View or having companies cross-reference their face against other data that can be discovered on the web.


So as to beat facial distinguishment innovation, AVG says its glasses utilize a mixture of innovation and pro materials.

Inserted infrared LEDs around the eyes and nose ranges of the glasses flummox facial distinguishment programming, whilst the infrared light stays undetectable to human eyes. Also, retro-intelligent materials mirror any light back in heading from which it came. This can be utilized when streak photography has been utilized.

Man with AVG Magic Glasses

AVG says its "imperceptibility glasses" are simply a proof-of-idea right now, outlined as a feature of a push to analyze routes in which security can be secured. That there are no arrangements to offer them for sale to the public.

Source & Images: AVG


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