About Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

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Longing to have authentic distressed hardwood floors just like the homes dozens of years ago had? You’ll find the solution with handscraped hardwood flooring that offers the same rugged, handmade appeal as wood floors back in the days.

About Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

Longing to have authentic distressed hardwood floors just like the homes dozens of years ago had? You’ll find the solution with handscraped hardwood flooring that offers the same rugged, handmade appeal as wood floors back in the days. The majority of today’s hardwood floors and laminates are made to look shiny and smooth. This has to do with the added layers of protection that make hardwood less susceptible to scratches and moisture, plus give the clean, simplified look that modern-day homes thrive off of. Yet these hardwood floors are not for everyone, which is why handscraped and distressed floors are available.

Back in the colonial days, Colonial American homes were built with wood floors that were installed using basic handheld tools. Left behind were intricate handcrafted details and workmanship that made each floor different from the next. This idea is still carried out in handscraped hardwood flooring today and designed to look naturally worn and finished by hand. The markings are exquisite, and you’ll enjoy how a simple hardwood floor can add so much character to the home.

Installing a handscraped wooden floor may not be a simple decision for you. It could change the look of your home, and you want to make sure that this change will be for the best. It's easy to find useful tips online when choosing whether distressed hardwood flooring is right for you. For example, try going to a commercial establishment that has distressed floors such as a cigar shop or old restaurant. You’ll get an idea for how the floors will look in your own home, which types of markings you can expect to see and how springy the floorboards feel underneath your feet.

Keep in mind that because the floorboards are handscraped, there are certain areas where the boards will be less thick. For example, a ¾” thick floorboard may only be 5/8” thick in the areas that are scraped down. That’s not to say that the floors are any less durable, but they will not be as consistent as the pre-finished floorboards seen on the market today. Visiting local showrooms in the area to get a firsthand view of what a handscraped floor really looks like is also a good idea. Most showrooms will have a room or two set up so that you can see what types of furnishings and décor best complement each style of hardwood.

If you decide that handscraped hardwood flooring is right for you, you’ll need to brush up on the different types. Time worn aged is flooring that shows natural wear over time. You’ll find mild contouring and highlights in the grain patterns. The look is very stunning, and one that can only be achieved over time. Wire brushed is another option that brings out the grain patterns in the wood. This flooring option is ideal for people who appreciate various grain patterns, as well as a rugged feel.

Hand sculpted floors are a balance between distressed hardwood floors and pre-finished floors. Hand sculpted flooring has a smoother finish, and the handscraping is uniform. Another option is the prefinished French bleed floors that have deeper beveled edges but a smooth exterior. Before these floorboards are stained, their joints are highlighted with a dark stain so that they create a visual effect.

If you want the real thing, then opt for hand hewn or rough sawn floors just like the Colonial American homes had. The sawing marks are visible, the floorboards are uneven and the appearance is most rugged. Even so, these flooring options were some of the latest fads to hit the market in 2011.

If you still haven’t found your niche, try something simpler such as an unfinished floor that you can finish on your own at a later date. It’s a safe call since you can distress the wood any way you see fit or end up staining it for a clean and even appearance. With so many handscraped hardwood flooring options, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a style that suits your home and your heart.

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