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Gotta be a Failure in your Class??
Lost your Rank??
Here's a Perfect Story that will help you realize that you aren't any less than the Rankers.....

Airport Scenery

8:00 am;-

“Is everything ready?” questioned I to Mom, who was busy making food that could possibly be a source of my appetite on my way to Airport.

“Yes!” replied she, placing the box into my Office bag.
Rushing to my Office bag, thanked her, “Thank You, Mom.”

“Take Care.” suggested she on my departure to the Airport.

“Please take your seat faster”, ordered my Dad occupying the Driver’s seat.

Got into the Car, took my seat, closed the door, fastened my seatbelt, and finally baded “Good Bye” to Mom, with the movement of the Car.

“I suppose I’m getting late, Dad” doubted I to my Dad.

“Everything can be recovered sooner” replied Dad, taking a turn to escape the consequences of Traffic.

“Well, don’t philosophize people much more than needed, son”

“Dad!!!” exclaimed I with a jesting smile.

Finally reached the Airport that had a big eye-catching board ‘Welcome to Biju Pattnaik International Airport.”

Reached the parking lot, Father got the car parked there and finally got down from the Car rushing to the boot and took out my Luggage from the Car.

“Be brisk in philosophizing people” suggested Dad while withdrawing the last bag from the boot.

“Sure, Dad.” Replied I closing the door of the boot.

“Take care Dad and convey my regards to Mom even” added I, walking to the Entrance leaving my Dad behind near the boot.

Well, corrected myself from the hurry mind and took out the passport and ticket.
Walked to the entrance door and got my Passport and Ticket verified by the security there and had an elative access into the airport after the guard thanked saying, “Thank you, sir”

Moved in towards the Schedule board and found my Plane’s delayed departure time.

“Jet-Ethiad, Je….”murmured myself in search of the counter to get my bags tagged with the Tags after checking.

Got it checked and inserted a Tag onto it.

Looked into the watch that showed, “9:25 AM”.

Glanced on the counters for my concerned airline counter to get the boarding pass, found it, rushed up there.

“Jet-Ethiad Dubai, Jet-Ethiad Dubai,……” shouted a woman in the Counter.

“Yes, here is a passenger,” replied I to her words.

“Please deposit your bags faster sir” suggested she depositing the Immigration form into my hand.

Received the Immigration form and started filling the form when she interrupted asking, “Your Passport, Sir.”

Deposited my Passport along with Immigration form and waited till she could possibly get me the boarding pass.

Within the time, my bags could be deposited and verified for the weight by one of the other women in the same counter.

“Thank You, sir. Go straight and take a left turn to Gate 26-B and please remain seated until we announce about the boarding” suggested the women depositing the boarding pass, Passport and ticket into my hand.

Followed as said and finally reached the gate .
Occupied the vacancy of a seat near the gate beside a young student crying.

Philosophizing a child.

“May I help you? Questioned I to him placing my hand on his shoulders.

“No, thanks for it, Uncle” replied he facing me.
“Let me know your problem. A student can understand a Student” replied I gently.

“Are you a Student?” questioned he startlingly.

“Yes” replied he with a good smile on his face.

“As you say, the only problem that sticks upon my trait is my academical status.” replied he.

“So, are you a Failure?” doubted I to him.

“ Good guess” replied he.

“Well, look at that plane taxing off to the runway” suggested I to him, directing his vision to a plane out in the field.

“Yes” replied he looking at it.

“Now, look at the Cars and busses following it” suggested I to him.

“Yes” replied he again looking at the Cars and busses.

“Good, compare their speeds now” suggested I to him again.

“Yes. Obviously the Car’s speed could possibly dominate the speed of the Aeroplane, since the plane is taxing off to the runway” replied he.

“ Excellent! Do you expect the same speed of the plane after few minutes, for the Take off?” exclaimed and questioned I to him.

“Definitely, No. The speed of the Plane will be able to defeat the Car’s speed” replied he.

“Similarly, consider yourself as the Plane and your friends as the Cars. Initially, you have the status of the plane. Never mind, now it’s time for you to take off. Come on. Believe yourself, be determined and finally open the doors of your success” philosophized I to him.

“If such, I will definitely obey your philosophy.” Replied he with a sign of empowerment in his actions.

“Good. Keep it up” strengthened I to him with my words.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your kind attention please? Passengers boarding by Jet-Ethiad 8235 to Dubai are requested to board the plane. Thanks for your attention” interrupted a lady with her announcement.

Got up, joined the queue with the child, which followed up to the Gate.

Incurred the turn and got the boarding pass verified and finally entered the plane……………..


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I have seen highly educated looking for jobs and get employed by those who trailed them in education. The journey of life proves altogether different from what one learns in class - siva

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