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The uniqueness, each one of us possesses, indicates, as far as individual growth is concerned, that one has to go his/her own unique way independent of all others. Since, such individual paths shall also be unique, there is no possibility of mutual conflicts in pursuance of individual paths.

An Observation

A friend of mine, himself a man of letters, once told me in a philosophical mood that the world is the stage for drama of life and we are all actors in that drama. By his further elaboration, he meant that we all do in our respective lives what we are directed to do by the director of the drama - a super-power God. I took note of his assertion as a food for thought for myself. Today, that question reappeared before me, forcing me to think whether we are as helpless and faceless as actors of a drama, or some of us, if not each of us, have some essence on their own as their selves.
A few hours before I faced this question, I had applied my mind to the subject of free-will which I discussed in one of my online expressions. In this post, I concluded that what a person does at current moment is highly influenced by what he did in his/her recent past subject to circumstantial constraints on him/herself. Essence of my assertion is that one's efforts matter for his/her life side by side with circumstantial factors and as a result thereof, we don't have an independent free-will at any particular time. Ripples of the thought process are continuing here.

About the Self

Only yesterday itself, I was made to discuss an associated topic of 'being the self' wherein I asserted that a person can care either for others' views or for his/her own about him/herself. Therefore, to be the real self, the person must forgo caring for others views on him/herself. In the process of that writing, significance of the self also got highlighted.
The uniqueness, each one of us possesses, indicates, as far as individual growth is concerned, that one has to go his/her own unique way independent of all others. Since, such individual paths shall also be unique, there is no possibility of mutual conflicts in pursuance of individual paths. In fact, these are not even individually unique paths but just thought streams mutually exclusive yet cooperative with each other and focusing on a common point of humanism.
Subversion of the self to other's views or even established norms is tantamount to constraining possibilities of the individual growth. we are born as unique creatures, let us live like that.


The word 'actualization' has two aspects and roots of itself - act and actual, and incidentally, both are relevant to understand essential sense of the word. What comes to my mind, out of this word is 'taking action with being actual what you are', and as aforesaid, you are unique actually. Therefore, self-actualization is actualization of your unique self in your own unique way without having any fear or possibility of conflicting with others if all others do the same by themselves.
Realization that each one of us is uniquely created by a complex natural process enforces my view that each one of us has his/her own unique action stream. Here, I need to clarify that even thinking process is encompassed in the vast arena of actions. Just observe the ocean waves reaching your feet after traveling thousands of miles along with other millions of unique waves, changing forms on the way but still maintaining their individually unique existences from beginning until the end in your feet. So be you, true to yourself, in all your actions and thought waves.

Uniqueness with Relativity and with Mutuality

We need to learn a lesson from neurons' existence, objective and functionality in our brains, all uniquely co-existing and remaining in ever-actualization state with a common goal of improving upon the person's existence. They all have mutual relationships, connectivity and communications yet each one performs in its unique way without copying or imitating anyone else.
In the brain's functionality, no neuron is superior or inferior to others but their relative roles and values keep on changing from time to time depending on phases of their overall functionality. There is no reason why each one of us can't be and work like those.
Same way, each of us through our relationships with others and mutual cooperation, work for a common goal of humanism, but still we can perform in our unique ways without copy or imitating others.

The Common Goal

In-spite of individual unique features, thought waves and actions, we all belong to a community called humanity, therefore have a common goal of taking the humanity to higher levels, something like super-humanity, remembering that our ancestors handed over to us a well-developed community to be taken ahead. We are duty bound to hand over a community to our future generations that should be better than what we inherited. This can be achieved by us through pursuing individual uniqueness of existence, thoughts and actions with no conflicts with others. Conflicts arise only when any of us pursues path of others instead of his/her own.
A community is composed of members and is what its members are. It has no existence or features of its own apart from those of its members. A community of super-human individuals shall be a super-humanity of tomorrow, let it be our common goal and let us contribute our individual mites to it and pursuing the grand meaning of human life..


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Jul 2015 (#)

Thought provoking and uplifting, thanks Ram.

The Creator wants us to play our roles with aplomb. We should believe in the oneness of creation but chip in with the uniqueness in each of us. We should share what we have and never deprive others - we have everything for our needs but not the greed.

When we share the same air for survival, where is the question of multiple Gods that we get divided to fight and even kill each other? siva

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