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Garden window is becoming a very popular concept today. For those living in apartments, it is a real good idea. The kitchen window can be turned into a garden so can the living room balcony.

Change the Look of Your Home

Once in a while, all of us get into a mood to reform the look of our homes and add new decors and colours to experience a bit of change from the monotonous scene. One easy and affordable option is to turn your windows into a garden and see the change it brings.
Garden windows are ideal for capturing sunlight within their chamber, encouraging plants to thrive. It’s like having a miniature greenhouse in your own home. From the outside, a garden window has a 3-D appearance, jutting out from the home’s exterior in a boxy manner. From the inside, the garden window gives more of a peripheral view than most other window types.

Choose the right place

While any window of your home can be turned into a garden window, it has been observed that the kitchen window is the most popular room for garden. Some interesting and imaginative uses include filled window seats, kitchen counter top extensions and 3-dimensional porch enclosures. These windows make any room feel larger and brighter and when you choose to have an overhead glass sloped roof, your window will make the ideal, light-filled growing environment for your plants.

Adding Features to Your Garden Window

Choose your preferred glass, trim, finish and more. In areas where you get a good deal of sunlight, you can choose tinted and reflective coated glass, removable sun screens or eliminate the overhead glass altogether. If you prefer a painted finish, you will have a completely different look.
The latest trend in home design is toward opening up the living space. It makes your rooms feel more welcoming and spacious by adding a 3-dimensional depth and light. You’ll have an additional benefit from improved energy efficiency, increased ventilation and visibility. Three dimensional windows are unique. They require special attention to things like seat, headers and roofs. You have to incorporated special features to keep them energy efficient, prevent them sagging over time, and to ensure that they can be installed easily and tightly to your custom-sized openings.

Where to Start and What to Grow and how

Today there are various options available in the market that can custom make your garden window as per your requirement and budget. While ordering for a garden window ensure to measure your windows correctly before placing an order.
As far as the question as to what should be planted in the garden window, it depends completely on your choice. On the kitchen window sill, you can have some herbs planted which would be of use in the kitchen and in the living room, miniature seasonal flowers like daisies and tulips or any other seasonal flowers. One of the easiest ways to dress up your garden window is with potted plants and flowers. The containers in which you choose to plant your window garden, and the plants that you choose, together provide a wide variety of decor options. Homemade pottery, glass jars, old tea canisters, mugs, and rectangular planters can all be used to plant a window garden. The containers can be filled with fresh herbs, tulips or other bulbs, a variety of cactus plants or even seedlings from tomato seeds, strawberry seeds, sunflower seeds, and beans.


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I have thought about doing this.
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this one's awesome

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