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Links are what makes the web a web, so they're obviously pretty important. Read our guide to adding links into your articles - both to other Wikinut pages and to external sites.

How links work

A link is basically just a word or block of text that points at another page. When you click on a link, your browser just takes you to the page specified in the link.

So if you want to add a link into your Wikinut page, you first need to decide which words you want to wrap the link around. For example, if I wanted to link the words:

Go to Google

I would highlight them in the editor using my mouse, and then click on the Link button in the formatting menu. You can see an example of this in the picture to the right. Once you've finished used the linking tool, you'll see some link code placed around your chosen text.

In the sections that follows, we explain how you can easily add different kinds of links into your page using our easy-to-use linking tools. Remember you can use the preview option to check these links in the editor.

Linking to another of your pages

A great way to increase your traffic is to interlink your related pages. This will help to create small hubs of pages which should then grow your traffic. This doesn't mean linking unrelated pages together, but if you have more than one page about the same topic you should definitley connect them.

Adding a link is easy. Highlight the words in the section you'd like to link, and then click on the Link button. You'll then see a popup with 3 choices of link type. Click on the My Wikinut pages option.

You'll then be presented with a list of all the pages that you've written that are published. All you have to do is pick the one you want to link to and click it. The popup will then close, and the link code will be inserted into the section. You can check the link using the Preview option for the section.

Linking to page in the same category

You may want to link to another author's page in the same category into which you're adding your page - after all, it's likely they are about a similar topic. The more interlinked Wikinut pages are, the more traffic the community will receive. Think of it as Wikinut karma...

Use the process described above to open the link popup, and then choose the Page in this category option. You'll then get a list of all the published pages in the same category. As before, just click on one and the editor will close the popup and add the link code into the section.

External links

You may also want to link to a page on another website - maybe your own site, or an authority such as Wikipedia or the BBC.

To do this, as usual you highlight the word(s) you want to link, click the Link button and choose the Internet URL option. You can then enter the URL into the box - remember to include the full address including http://...

If you want to verify the address, the Check link option will quickly get we can get a valid response from the remote server. This isn't a 100% guarantee that the link is correct, but helps avoid simple mistypes.

Removing a link

If you want to remove a link from your page, find the link in the editor and highlight the entire link code, including the link tag and the original words - you can see an example of this above.

Then just click the Clear formatting button and the link will be removed.


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