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Publish elsewhere on the internet in addition to Wikinut? Writing about a controversial topic? Moderator notes could save your page from rejection.

Wikinut cares about originality, copyright and quality

Here at Wikinut we're really dedicated to building a quality writing community. In order to help achieve that goal we constantly police the new pages being submitted to the site, with particular attention to the following:

  • Copyright - pages can only be submitted by users with the appropriate rights over the content. Generally speaking this means it has to be the original author.
  • Quality - pages must at least reach our community standards of minimum quality.

We have lots of other criteria too, you can read about them in our moderation guides.

Avoid rejection - add moderator notes to your pages

Sometimes a Wikinut author will be publishing pages that are either duplicates of content they're publishing elsewhere or contain some duplicated content.

We prefer original content, but as long as you're operating withing our policies then we do re-publish pages for our authors. However, our moderators need to know that you're the original author and not a content copier.

In order to allow you to inform moderators of potential problems before submitting your page for publishing we have added a Notes for the moderator box to the editor. When you are writing your page you should enter information about your sources into this box, it will help the moderator decide if your page is acceptable for publishing on Wikinut.

An example note would be as follows: Hello, this page is also published on, my author name over there is Sam Wormleighton the same as it is here.'s Ts&Cs allow me to publish my page on other sites.

If you frequently publish on other sites you can also add information to your Profile page, it will then the shown to moderators for all pages you publish.

We enforce copyright to protect our authors

We hope you understand that copyright abuse is a serious problem and that we have to be cautious when accepting new pages from authors. Occasionally we will reject a page which has been legitimately submitted for publishing.

If this happens please accept our apologies and add as much information as possible to the moderator notes before resubmitting the page for publication.


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