Adolf Hitler and his Jew Commanding Officer

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Life has many twists and one of them concerns the commanding officer of Hitler in World War I who was a Jew

Hitler and the First War

Hitler was a Corporal in World War I. He had joined the army as a soldier. During the war his commanding officer for a brief period was Ernest Hess. He was a Jew and after the war he had left the army and was working as a judge in Germany. That was the time when anti-semantic caught up with Hess and he was dismissed from his job. That was in 1936 and Hess went away to North Italy. He however had to return.

The Jew CO

Ernest Hess would have been confined to a concentration camp immediately, but Hitler when he came to know about Hess ordered the Chief of the Gestapo to spare Hess. Accordingly on 27 August 1940, Herr Himmler the Gestapo boss issued a letter in which he instructed that Hess be spared the torture of going to a concentration camp and deportation. This letter has now come to light from official archives of the Nazi party. In the letter Himmler expressly mentions that this is as per the orders of Hitler himself.

The War and the Jew CO

However later it appears that this letter was revoked and Hess was sent to do slave labor. His sister was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The authenticity of the letter is corroborated by the daughter of Ernest Hess, Ursula who is now 86 years old and living in Germany. She has a similar document in her possession. She also told researchers that her father was given some small privileges by another World War I officer named Fritz Weidermann, who later became Hitler's adjutant. Fritz used his influence to win small benefits for Hess, who was a decorated soldier during World War I. This was how Hess survived the war and the death camps of the Nazis.

The Ending

Hess survived the war and was given an appointment in Germany. He retired as head of Federal Railway Authority in Frankfurt. He passed away in 1983. This is indeed a strange tale and shows that Hitler did have some compassion, but this single incident does not absolve Hitler for his mass killing of Jews during the war. Yet, this incident shows an interesting facet of Hitler’s character.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Aug 2012 (#)

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. Call it luck, providence or whatever. Very thought provoking share, Madan - siva

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author avatar IsabelleChan
25th Aug 2012 (#)

Wow! It's interesting to know that Hitler indeed has a more compassionate side. But that won't erase the brutality in his personality, as you have mentioned in your passage.

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author avatar Teila
25th Aug 2012 (#)

I so agree with Isabelle. Hitler's compassionate side doesn't mean a thing, he was a cruel evil man. But, thanks for sharing..

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author avatar Delicia Powers
31st Aug 2012 (#)

teila and Isabel have said my thoughts also...

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