Adopting a cat from Canterbury RSPCA

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There ia kitten crisis at RSPCA Canterbury right now, so if you can offer a home to one, they would very much appreciate it. Read on to find out more about it.

Adopting a cat from RSPCA Canterbury

We lost our beautiful Charley cat in 2009 after she lived for 21 years. We were always promising ourselves we would get another, but we always seemed to be too busy, so four years have passed and still no cat.

Then I noticed that a local journalist, Liz Crudgington, whom I don't know personally, but I understand has several dogs and cats of her own, was saying on Facebook that 30 kittens had been abandoned in the woods. When I read the article I was filled with horror that anyone could subject kittens to such a horrifying ordeal. No matter how desperate the plight, the very least they could have done was to contact their local charity and ask for help.

I think that tragic story inspired us to want to do our bit to help, so we got in touch with Canterbury RSPCA, and arranged a meeting. We were told we needed to have a home visit, which was fine, after all they want to make sure that cats who have already suffered due to irresponsible owners get the chance of a forever home and a happy future.

So we visited the centre

We were shown cats of all colours, ages and sizes, but as we have Leo, our retriever, we know he would be ok, but it didn't seem fair on a fully grown cat to give it the stress of trying to get used to a new environment and a dog all at the same time.

I love animals, and I could have taken them all with me but common sense has to prevail, and I advise anyone who feels they want to home a cat to weigh up all the costs involved and make sure they can afford it. In the case of a kitten it needs vaccinations, worming, deflea-ing and to be neutered, but if you get it from them, it's all included in the price. If you take the kitten away whilst it's young, you get a voucher to pay for the neutering when they are old enough.

On that day we learned that black, and black and white cats are the hardest to home because people think they are boring. I was quite shocked at that, because where I am concerned the colour won't worry me, I want a cat that gels with us, and is affectionate. We were not allowed to reserve any kittens, and we had to wait for the home check, which we understood was normal procedure, there was a black girl, and a black and white boy we were rather taken with, they were cuddly and cute, so we just hoped they would still be around after our home visit.

The home Visit

After a few days, a very nice lady called Jane came to give us a home visit. We live in the middle of a country park in a cul de sac, and our garden has fences all around, so we hoped it would all be ok, and it was, we were passed.

Jane was very taken with Leo, he kept offering his paw, and she could see what a gentle boy he was. He had lived with Charley happily for four years, indeed she used to walk along his back if he was on the sofa to get to Keith, and he never batted an eyelid.

Then on Sunday we got a call from the centre, they had kittens ready to home, these were not from the group that was abandoned in the woods, but their story was just as tragic, their mother had given birth to them when she was very young herself, and she had rejected them. They had to be taken away because she was attacking them.

They were not in cages like the other kittens, because they had been hand reared. They were in a room, they had freedom, and as a family they were all together, so what they lacked from a mothers love, they made up for with their own siblings, their bonding was moving to see, and I could fully understand why they wanted them to be homed in pairs.

They interacted with us straightaway.

Previous to this, we had viewed some kittens privately, but they hadn't wanted us to pick them up, they hadn't been socialised. Keith had liked the little ginger boy, but had said he really wanted a female kitten. So bearing this all in mind, we went to see them with an open mind, because the lady had said they would probably get more kittens of all colours later in the week.

They were housed in the conference room, they already knew their way around, and divided their time between eating, playing and sleeping, and we found them at a sleepy moment. They were already litter trained, yet only eight weeks old, I was very impressed.

Then they woke up, and we got to handle them. There was one black boy, who we found out was lucky to be alive, the runt of the litter, two tabby girls, and a feisty black and white boy. Because they have been hand reared, they are naturally friendly, oh dear, how could we choose?

But our kittens chose us. The tiny black one proved to be a real character. He made a beeline for Keith, nestling round his neck and cuddling him, and his sister came to me. We played with them for a while, and it was obvious to both of us, they wanted to be with us.

So we brought them home, and 3 days later they are settled and happy. They are still a little wary of Leo our dog, when he barks, but the rest of the time they are happy to stand close to him, or walk past him, which is a great start.

So if you think you can offer a home to a kitten or cat, and in the case of a kitten two of them, please contact the link below. They desperately need our help. I can assure you these kittens are a lot of fun, maybe a little extra work, but it's so worth it . Thank you Liz Crudgington for prompting us to do what we should have done for a long time, save a kitten or two.

please help
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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th Aug 2013 (#)

So lovely dear Carol. I used to have cats ,but I let others have them and I enjoy theirs .
A beautiful read .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
28th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks Stella, I hope it can help them all

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author avatar Connie McKinney
28th Aug 2013 (#)

Carol, great story. I think it's wonderful that you and Keith stepped up and helped rescue some kittens. So cute! I love the picture of Keith and the two kittens cuddling all over him!.

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author avatar Carol
28th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks Connie, it's a good excuse for a lie down says Keith hahah

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author avatar Trillionaire
28th Aug 2013 (#)

So, beautiful.

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author avatar Carol
29th Aug 2013 (#)

Thankyou Triilionaire

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Aug 2013 (#)

Great piece about cats, dont breed, adopt! Shelters are full of animals looking for a loving home! Excelent Carol

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author avatar Carol
29th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it's true Fern

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author avatar LOVERME
30th Aug 2013 (#)

You are such a compassionate and humane person
ma'am Carol

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author avatar Carol
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for reading Loverme

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author avatar Delicia Powers
6th Sep 2013 (#)

Lovely Carol...thank you...:0)!

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author avatar Carol
8th Sep 2013 (#)

You are welcome Delicia

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