Advaita Philosophy

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Advaita philosophy was advocated by Sri Sankara in the 8th century AD.

Advaita Philosophy

The six systems of Indian philosophy are Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya, Yoga, Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa or Vedanta. Great sages of the past have advocated these systems of philosophy. Gautama founded the Nyaya school of philosophy, Kanada founded the Vaisheshika school of philosophy, Kapila founded the Sankhya system of philosophy, Patanjali, the Yoga system and Jaimini, the Purva Mimamsa system of philosophy. The system of Uttara Mimamsa, otherwise called as Vedanta system of philosophy has various founders. The system is primarily divided into three schools, namely, Advaita, Visishta Advaita and Dvaita. Each of these schools has its own founder. Sri Sankara advocated the Advaita system of philosophy, Sri Ramanuja, the Visishta Advaita and Sri Madhva advocated the Dvaita system of Vedanta.

The term 'vedanta' in Sanskrit means 'philosophy'. According to the Advaita system of philosophy, the universe is the manifestation of the supreme soul called the 'Brahman'. Every living being in this universe is a part of this supreme soul. It is the body that gets destroyed since it is perishable. The soul never gets destroyed since it is a part of the Supreme Brahman. The state of immortality is the highest goal of a human being according to Advaita. One can become immortal only if one ceases to be born again and again. One is never born again if one gets liberated in his previous birth. Hence liberation or 'moksha' is the supreme goal of human life. The entire universe is nothing but illusion and hence its appearance is illusory in nature like the vision of a serpent in a rope in insufficient light. When light gets sufficient enough to realize the real nature of the rope, the truth becomes evident. In the same way the truth about the Brahman gets established only if ignorance goes out. Once ignorance goes out, the Brahman becomes clear to the mind. The real nature of the universe also gets known. The truth about eternity gets established finally.


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