Advantages of Selenium as a Testing Automation Tool

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Selenium is gaining popularity as a test automation tool and fast becoming the most widely used test automation tool on our planet earth. We discuss about its advantages here.

Advantages of Selenium as a Testing Automation Tool

Quality testing and quality assurance are two major parts of any production processes. At a time when the competition at all sectors are tough, no manufacturer can sustain in the business for a long time unless a specific level of quality is maintained for the product.

When the product is a software, the concerns about the quality will be more. Any software will be developed for a specific purpose and if the software cannot perform the function, the losses may be beyond imagination. Hence Quality testing is of more significance in software industry.

Although, the software sector advanced a lot over a period, there was not much developments in testing. Manual testing was the only method used in the initial stages. Later tests have been automated and many testing automation tools have come to exist. Selenium is the most popular one among them.

Why Selenium Became the Most Popular Test Automation Tool
Selenium is the most widely used test automation tool on our planet earth. There are many reasons for it being so popular.
Selenium is free and open source and hence there is no investment on tool is required.
Using selenium, multiple tests can be run at same time and it will reduce the time consumption for software testing.
Selenium is compatible with different platforms such as Windows, linux, Safari etc
Selenium is multi browser compatible and can be run on different browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
Different program languages can be used to write test scripts. Program languages including Java, C#, Python etc are comfortable with Selenium
It is highly user friendly.
As many testers are using the software across the world, active supporting community is available to discuss issues related to Selenium and to find solutions for issues.
It can be integrated with third party tools to perform more functions.

However, Selenium can be used only for the functional and regression testing of web based applications and cannot be used for testing desktop based applications or mobile applications.


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