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Happiness is the highest cause Aristotle once said correctly, and we are as realistically happy as we make up our minds to be, and as unworried as we make ourselves ultimately. Take things too seriously and happiness is impossible, worry is certain. But, take things just seriously enough with a hint of balanced humor, and you achieve something close to perfection. I will explain in the following sections:

Think, think, think!

The International Business Machine President Thomas J. Watson said that on all kinds of signs throughout his company, with employees jokingly misspelling them all of the time absolutely not getting the import of this reality at all. But,t he few that did later such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and all of those Silicon Valley workers such as the inventor of Disk Operating Systems Tim Paterson got the message.

The point to that whole anecdote is that riches and happiness go to those who think in a balanced, honest way about reality. To those that worry and take the wrong things too seriously, unhappiness and poverty go to them. Sure, it is a little oversimplified in so many ways, but is it not the honest truth about reality?

A few nights ago, I was reading about Napoleon Hill's "Rich Masked Man from Happy Valley"...

In the book "The Master Key To Riches", Napoleon Hill talks about visualization, and gets deeper into more esoteric subjects than most of his other books. What I mean by esoteric subjects is that he has "imaginary round table meetings" with great men, and actual embodied metaphysical principles, or as he calls them, "princes". Like "the prince of understanding", "the prince of sound health", etc. But, deeper than that is the fact that our mind orientations ultimately determine our realities. Sure, I am not saying that this concept is the end all and be all, but, I am saying that this is the concept that takes us ultimately into the right direction. Becoming genuinely spiritual does not happen in a day, but it will happen with persistence ultimately and self work that is consistent. Like theater lights come on or a key is turned and a door is opened, so does what I am writing about going from thought, to imagination, to spirituality work. For, as I wrote in a previous article about affirmations: The best way to do affirmations is a personal way. This is how we should approach our thoughts, imagination, spirituality and minds also. Do not expect miracles too quickly, be perfectly reasonable and you will get genuinely perfect for you results. For genuine failure expects miracles without reason, patience or even an attempt at understanding.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The sooner you genuinely start, the sooner you genuinely get there.

The End.

I am projecting forward a little bit or a lot with this section: I am projecting to the achieved goal, or "the end" as most people think of it. I do not. I think of the achieved goal as the beginning, because once you know that one thing is possible and normal, the next thing is ready to be achieved. Get it?

Happiness is a consistent development and not an end to be achieved, that is the genuine and giant rub on the genie. In fact, in the original Aladdin story about the genie, even when "happily ever after" happens, you have the feeling that there are more adventures and advances in store for Aladdin and the genie. That brings me to a point, life goes on and existence goes on even if "the end" happens. That brings me to another point: No matter what, do the best you can, because everything is ultimately a work in progress to be built over the span of genuine forever.

Now you know why I call the end what it is in quotes, because there really is not an end. After all,even Earl Nightingale said, "Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy goal." That is closer to correct, but not quite. I think that happiness is an eternal series of never ending achieved goals that give you consistent great feelings. Happiness is not even a heroin like high from well secreted brain endorphin levels. It is more consistent than even that, but it is progressively achieved over eternally rational actions that yield great results. Again I will ask, do you get where I am coming from with this?

Personally, I can say, the better my actions, the better my results. I think that is the eternal theme for all of us. Always take a good action of some sort, do not just focus on the end, but, do it the best you can do it consistently.

Start here and never end.


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author avatar spirited
29th Jul 2016 (#)

Thanks Joshua, you have made some good points here.

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

Abraham Lincoln, a past American President, said something similar to what Aristotle said, in this quote of his too.

"The sooner you genuinely start, the sooner you genuinely get there."

We are all on our own individualised journey though, in this context, what would a genuine start mean?

Every journey begins and ends with our soul, or our higher self.

When we connect to this part of ourselves, we finally become genuine in our journey, or we are only then questing towards the real truth.

As long as we continue to ignore parts of our self, including this spiritual part of our self, we can never be entirely genuine as our self, or to our self, or to anyone else, for that matter either.

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