Aerial photography with a remote controlled helicopter

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Recently I got a new idea for an art project I'm doing. I need a very light camera. Then I need to buy a remote controlled helicopter and then fasten the camera to it, and get the most lovely and interesting aerial shots.

Aerial photography with a remote controlled helicopter

Well, I got the video camera at a supermarket. A light one, only R2,200. And it feels light enough to lift with a helicopter. Isn't the technology you get nowadays just so cool? Yes. Yes it is.

All I still needed was the helicopter. I'll slap the camera to it and thereby build my own drone! Hooray! Drone for aerial camerawork. Not to go throw bombs on Arabs, so please calm down. Mine shall only be used for honorable, artistic work.

Anyways, now I need to get on with it and buy myself the flying contraption that will lift my camera up into the air, most likely it will be a remote controlled helicopter.

I recalled seeing one at a Chinese wares shop. It seemed big enough and strong enough to be able to lift a really light video camera.

So on Friday, when going to town I decided I'm going to buy it.

I spotted one at the mall. R2,500 the Indian says he charges for it. Well, that one looks big and will definitely work, but if I'm going to spend that kind of money I might as well get a proper aerial shot remote controlled helicopter type thing. They do make those.

But I don't want to spend that much money. I don't really have such vast fortunes to spend on things.

So I decide I'll just buy a much cheaper one at the Chinese wares store and see if that works.

At the Chinese wares store they don't have the one I spotted before anymore. But there are others that look good. One of them is R750. That's the most expensive one they have here.

So I buy it.

Back home on Tower Hills, it needs charging first. I charge it. Now I'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn how to use it. Can't wait!

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