Affirm your existence into what you want it to be(Another article on autosuggestion)

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The most powerful thing in life we can do is plant. I do not mean plant vegetables or fruits. I do not even mean love everything totally and in a "Pollyanna" irrational way. What I mean is to take mastery of yourself and understand the "why", then the "how" and then do the "what" to make it all work.

Here is the big clue, although you are going to have to do some thinking on your own:

Realistically, I can only tell you that you bestow everything to yourself good or bad, conscious or unconscious. Reality is what you make it ultimately. So is responsibility. So here are some ideas to consciously take control no matter what:

1. Write out what you want, whatever it is. I mean what you really, deeply want in every way that counts.
2. Speak to yourself silently or aloud about it all the time in a rational way, of course (otherwise I would not have included the word "silently" with the word "aloud".
3. Let your intuition give you the action that feels right.

Let me give a little detail on instruction three there, but, in reality, you have to figure this one out like I did pretty much from scratch, but I will see if I can give a sound explanation of that one: I know you had things that just felt right and worth doing in life, major or minor. So, that is the essence of genuine intuition. When it all feels deeply right. Beyond that, explanations would be futile, especially for anyone with an overly mundane mindset. But, for those open minds that are ready to grow. You get it!

The intuitively great reality is like an expensive suit that is good for any occasion, it just feels right. The intuitively bad reality on the other hand is like the thing that just will not work realistically however it is "spun".

Think though, it always starts out with really wanting something, and wanting it well. I am not going to seriously say "wanting it bad", that sounds like addiction. I mean the goal you really want in existence, not the next drink, smoke or whatever is vogue in a small reality. Make your reality genuinely large and healthy for there is not any time to be unhealthy and small in this great life.

Sure, many will waste their time and be silly, shirk their goals and less, but I am not writing for them. I am writing for those who really do want to be great in their own souls, not just in a political or business way "outside" either. I mean "happiness is an inside job" totally. Go for what you really want, let there be no exceptions. If you are ready, show it. Write down what you really want and affirm it all the time, and be intuitively open to all results that work with what is wanted. Start here.

The most powerful thing you can do, right now:

Be positive and know that something good can be done, no matter what the situation seems to be. Everything bad that you can get out of is genuinely temporary. What "seems" to be permanent is "pure" fear really when you really think about it all. Think about situations in life as that temporary state and you really find that ultimately, all bad things can be turned into something pretty good or even great through patience, understanding and tolerance.

Life really is as good and as solvent as we make it.

Faith with proper work behind that faith can move mountains, mole hills and everything

The weakest of us lets fear and bad happenings get us down. The strongest of us gets excited in life and starts to work on bettering things for ourselves. Strength and weakness are developed through habit. With good habits, good results are obtained, so it is obvious what comes from what is bad, right?

Even U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and American financier Jay Gould talked about bad things being slips and not falls, and that anything can be recovered from if given time and understanding. So, with that reality, changing water into wine is the ultimate perceptive quality everybody has really, it is not literally changing water into wine or whatever. It is looking at bad things in a certain way that makes them work realistically good, ultimately.

Look, my Dad lost his foot to diabetes in 1979. He could have looked at it in a bad way, but instead he saw the time before he died as a chance to spend more time with me, and do interesting things with me instead of feeling sorry for himself or anything pathetic like that. In the 12 years I spent with him until he died in 1991, he taught me a lot about life, and what it really is to be a great self, and to never genuinely give up. Sure, losing my Dad twenty-five years ago was painful, but what he gave me was more valuable, genuine and honest than anything if he lived a long life and did nothing with it. After all, I learned one thing: Faith with proper work behind that faith can move mountains, mole hills and everything in the way in a bad way.

So, author Oliver Napoleon Hill said in an old radio broadcast that he did not get any inheritance from his Uncle and that was the best thing in the world because he ended up making his own millions, spiritual wealth and becoming greater than even his "Uncle Napoleon Hill, the Southern Cotton Broker and Stock Market Genius that I was named after" as he put it. I write this section to show that money is not everything, but intention and understanding to do the right thing is everything.


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