Air Gun Sports Shooting: How to Get Zero in Precision Your Spring Piston Rifle

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The present page discusses how to achieve accuracy in sports shooting guns through simple processes. In the present case, the zeroing in activity was done on a spring piston rifle. But the process can be followed in other types of sports guns as well.

Zeroing in for Accuracy in Air Gun Shooting Sports

When one goes for a competition in shooting, it is of utmost significance to have your rifle zeroed in properly for precision. After all, the whole issue is about precision only. In a spring piston air gun or rifle, it is difficult to have a stable precision as the recoiling of the spring makes things difficult to be hundred percent precise. Most of the sports shooters now-a-days do not use spring piston rifles. The most popular sports guns used today are CO2 fired. However, for a hobbyist, if someone already owns a spring piston gun, one can also achieve great accuracy through practice. But, whether, it is a spring piston gun or a gun powered by CO2, it is necessary to work on the precision aspects by properly zeroing in the instrument. In the present page, I have discussed some tips for attaining precision. It is a fairly easy goal to achieve inhouse also if you do not have an opportunity to go out to get your gun corrected for accuracy.
Things you require are a piece of white paper for target, a marker, a scale to measure and around 100 pellets suitable for your gun/ rifle’s caliber.

How we did it for accuracy?

Given the small size of the lead pellets, the accuracy of air guns change depending on wind directions, location, pellet structure and style of shooting. We bought our gun on-line from Aimco enterprises and also purchased 5000 pellets. After around 100 rounds of shooting when we could not achieve accuracy, my husband tried to zero in the gun. With a marker, we drew a cross on a A 4 size plain paper and used it as a target from 10 yards. We shot five pellets in a lying position. The pellets hit much above and towards the left of the desired point. Then we adjusted the screws of the view for bringing the aim towards rightwards and downwards. As can be seen from the picture, out second set of shots were much closer to the desired point of intersection than the first try. Once the desired accuracy was achieved in lying position, we tried with other positions and the results were amazing.
Do not waste your used Pellets
What to do with the used pellets was an issue. We tried to resolve the issue by making a homemade pellet trapper cum target and collecting all the used pellets which were later melted and some statues were made out of the lead pellets. I have discussed on how to make statues from used lead pellets in another article in hubpages.


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