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If you are not sure about getting a real tattoo, check out the advantages of airbrush tattooing.

Say I DO to an airbrush tattoo

If you have troubles with commitment, but you want to get some sexy or meaningful tattoo, airbrush tattoo is the solution for you. Honestly, when you get a tattoo, you are marked for life. It like being married to someone you don’t love anymore but the person refuses to give you a divorce, so you are condemned to suffer for the rest of your life. There is nothing worse than a bad tattoo.
So, why not give a chance to the more and more popular airbrush tattoo. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s commitment free! You can even do it yourself, you just need to be a talented artist.

Introducing airbrush tattoos

Basically these are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on your skin using an airbrush kit similar to those used for airbrush art. The airbrush is of course smaller and if you are not a talented artist, you can always use stencils to help create a design. Another difference is the ink which must be hypo-allergenic and approved by the FDA.

Choosing an airbrush

The most important components are the airbrush and the compressor. The quality of these two varies from model to model, so read user reviews, they are always the most honest ones. Another important thing is the ink. Most kits come with at least seven different colors, but the amount varies. Please use high quality ink, it would be better for you and your skin.

Maybe if you have an old paasche compressor or an iwatta compressor laying around, you can try to use them for larger tattoos. Just get a larger stencil.

Five steps of getting a tattoo

First thing you need to do is clean the skin thoroughly with alcohol. After that you will also need to clean the stencil which will be used. Third step would be the applying of color with the airbrush which can last 10-20 minutes depending on the design and size of the tattoo. Fourth step is the removal of overspray with alcohol, which leads to the final one, applying powder to the sprayed area.

And you are done!

Advantages of airbrush tattoos

- Easy to do
- Take a few minutes to apply
- No bravery necessary
- Lasts between 7 – 14 days
- Does not hurt – feels like someone is lightly blowing on your skin
- They are waterproof
- If you don’t like it, you can easily remove it with baby oil

To conclude

This is a great temporary solution. It will give you the opportunity to see how it feels like to have a tattoo. And if the feeling is good, take a leap of fate and get a real tattoo.
In case you are interested in larger airbrush projects, you can check out airbrush equipment reviews for greater details.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Aug 2016 (#)

Falling out of love is a choice but that said the tongue speaks what is needed for the other person to hear but is not always of the heart. A tattoo is a choice and its not always something that is respected although the needles are considered to be HIV potential hazards and paints well have their own disadvantages as there things that can cause permanent discolouration. So pleasure for a day is just like prostitution wherein you airbrush it to remove it later wherein you just wipe it off move on and leave without emotion, unlike in a divorce scenario which can sting for years or a lifetime.
I am estranged BTW and not that I don't love the person, he was a philanderer and got made to pay the price for his irresponsibility.

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