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A fashion stylist don’t just mix and match clothing, they have to do more then that to make an outfit work!

Want to be a stylist?

All those celebrity on red carpets, most of them do NOT dress themselves. The job of dressing celebrity for important events, or even just daily wear, is done by a fashion stylist.

What is a fashion stylist?
A fashion stylist not only style celebrity, they also selects the clothing for editorial features ( like in magazines), print or television advertising campaigns. They also put outfit together for music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by models or other public figures.

Responsibilities of a fashion stylist
You think fashion stylist is all about mixing and matching a few tops and tanks? Think again!

Most fashion stylist are expected to:
~producing creative design solutions for different occasions.
~ calling and setting up meetings with PR companies, retailers and manufacturers to get jobs
~hiring, borrowing, or purchasing props, garments and accessories from designers, pr agencies, boutique etc. ( and yes, they don't buy everything)
~dressing models, celebrities, and other people who hired their services
~building up a good network of clients and partners in the industry
~keeping an eye on the constantly changing fashion trends through magazines, Internet any other social media.
~conceptualizing and developing fashion visuals that can be used for photo shoots or movie sets
~packing and returning borrowed outfits and accessories. It’s an important task as a stylist because if it is not done, a stylist would lose connection with designers and boutique owner, making it near impossible to get clothing for clients
~giving insights on what type of outfits, accessories, and shoes must be purchased
assessing the wardrobe style of a certain individual (i.e. model or celebrity). Some clients hire a stylist to teach them about style and also help organize their wardrobe.
~be a trend setter
~combining outfits and accessories that will look good on different weather and season.

Basically, its a lot of work.

How is a fashion stylist paid?
The salary of fashion stylists varies depending on their years of experience, skills, and the who they’ve styled. A stylist who have already established network of clients( especially celebrity clients), and have already gained valuable fashion styling experiences receive lucrative pay rates. On the other hand , Entry-levels receive a lower salary ( obviously ) than experienced fashion stylists but their salary is still enough to support a rewarding lifestyle.
An Entry Level Fashion Stylists usually earn $150-$200/day, which not too bad.
An Experienced Fashion Stylists would typically earn $500-$5,000/day
And a Top-level Fashion Stylists would earn a salary well above $5,000/day
Like mention on top, experience is the key.

How to get booked?
A fashion stylist is usually represented by an agency like
Margaret Maldonado Agency
The Magnet Agency
The agencies usually books all of the work or assignments of a fashion stylist for a fee, usually between 10 or 20% of the stylist’s fee. The agency will ensures that the stylist’s needs are met, typically guaranteeing that transportation, travel, and accommodations, all handled before the wardrobe stylist takes an assignment.

Education and training?
Experience has always been the top requirements to become a successful fashion stylist. But these days, they’re many courses out there that gives training on how to become a fashion stylist. In this courses, you will learn every single thing about being a fashion stylist. Even on how to manage your styling business. Two courses that I would recommend the most is from The School Of Style and also FIT . They offer you knowledge and experience you need to become a successful stylist, all for a decent price.
But to be honest, no proper education is actually needed for fashion styling, a pair of good eyes and a strong determination is what you really need. Like I mentioned above, experience is important when it comes to fashion styling. The more you style, the better you’ll be!

Who are some of the famous stylist?
Rachel Zoe
Nicole Chavez
Andrea Lieberman
Monica Rose
Britt Bardo

How to become a fashion stylist?
Usually, you’ll have to start from scrap. You can choose intern or work for a famous fashion stylist or fashion magazines. You would then become an assistant to a fashion stylist to learn what you need to know and to also gain contacts and connections. After that, you can choose to go freelance or work under some company.
Sounds easy? In your dreams maybe (not to be harsh...but its kinda true). Becoming a successful fashion stylist is hard, some may even starve in the process, but with strong determinations and hard work….well, and a good eye of course, you will get there.


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