All Roadblocks are Stepping Stones

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We all have problems, but, it depends on what we do with them. Do we let them overtake us, or do we work to solve them? It is all up to us.

I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul

I start out with the words of William Ernest Henley the poet just to say: "Hey, it may take work, but I can find my place and direction as anyone can that genuinely applies themselves to what they need and want to do, in that order." I know, there is a little too much "first person" in the beginning of this article, and there is a reason for that. Recently, I was facing a crisis of conscience that was pretty far-ranging and realized that through patience, understanding, tolerance and perseverance that I always tout and push, I could deal with it, and now I go to the "second person", through the same techniques I realize work, ultimately, so can you.

Sure, problems are just really opportunities in work clothing looking like trouble when they are really an opportunity to grow. After all, constructive stress plus workable rest equals good growth. Fearing this in a negative way is to not grow and even go backward. Sure, courage depends on embracing the constructive stress and workable rest after that stress anyhow without wincing or avoiding what is needed. Through this reality, we get where we want to go. As they say, as you do get older, time goes forward, not backward or sideways, and even if we could travel actively back in time or forward, objectively time still goes ahead in an objective way. So we may as well embrace constructive stress and realistic wisdom that comes with growth. We cannot stay young and innocent forever.

When I think of what it takes, I do not mind so much

Fear and courage, they both exist. Fear and courage exist in some ways way more valid than time does because it is what we feel it is, time is more objective than the subjective feelings of fear and courage, that is why we feel fear and courage in some ways more in a more valid way than we do feel time. It takes courage to deal with time effectively, it takes fear to deal with time ineffectively. Think fully about that statement for a moment, and you will find that I am right. Courage is simply facing and solving problems with patience, understanding, tolerance and perseverance. Ultimately, like for every question there is a genuine answer that is waiting to be found by the courageous soul wanting to persevere and find it almost like Alexander Graham Bell beat Elisha Gray for the telephone invention patent in the early 1900 because of the turn of the screw with the wire on it, tightening it for consistent instead of intermittent current so that normal "broken" speech could be transmitted instead of singing consistent notes. I mean, those who were competing for the telephone patent were trying everything to create the current for speech, but it was simple as that turn of the screw by Bell that made it all possible, sometimes problem solving works like that. Now, I did not say that some problems are not complex, but most of the time, solutions are impossibly simple, and at other times they are complex and involved. But just know this, all problems are solvable, or the question would not exist. When I think of what it takes genuinely, I understand, I get it, and all that it entails to genuinely solve a problem.

The deal

Doing the necessary is life. Doing nothing is death. That is the deal. Suicidal people are the ultimate fearful people. Courage is deal with it instead of abandoning it. If there is a question, there is always an answer. Many of you may disagree with some of my statements to an extent, indeed, face it though, all questions have answers as problems have solutions, though. So, I end with this: Do not give up, just change approaches until you find one that works. Escape is the weakling's way out. Solving is the way of strength. I leave this section with that.


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