All You Need to Know About Fashion Week

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Fashion weeks are very famous and generally, people think why these fashion shows arrange and how it is beneficial for fashion designers as well sponsored.

All You Need to Know About Fashion Week

Whether you belong to fashion industry or not you must have heard or read about fashion week, simply because fashion week is a common term in the fashion industry. Every year fashion weeks are organized by the big brands all over the world. Paris fashion week, New York fashion week, and London fashion week are some of the most renowned fashion weeks around the world.

We all about the pomp and show involved in a fashion week, but very few may know what it is really all about. Many readers may have numerous questions in mind regarding the fashion weeks. All your questions will be answered through this article. So go ahead and read on to know more!

Introduction to Fashion Week

Fashion week is considered as a big event in the fashion industry. It is a great venue for the designers to launch their unique collection in the presence of press and big brands. It is here where the fashion editors pick their topics on fashion for their editorial magazines. The topics picked by the fashion editors become the talk of the town. As the media has the capability to reach every section of the society, whether it is high class or middle class, so fashion column is very important.

The fashion trends and designs that are featured in the fashion magazines speak loud and influence our buying selection. Actually, it is decided itself in the fashion week what would be the next fashion trend in the country.

Big Fashion Week Worldwide

Worldwide, fashion week occurs twice a year in different cities. The international fashion week make its first appearance in New York, followed by London, Milan and Paris. Lately, many countries like Stockholm, Australia, India and others have started their own domestic fashion weeks.

During the international fashion week, ace designers from US like Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang display their creations in New York. Same way, English designers like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs unveil their work in London Fashion week.

When talking about fashion week, how can we ignore French and Italian designers whose names are synonymous with fashion industry. Gucci, Versace, Armani from Italy and Giambattista Valli, Lavin, and Sonia Rykiel display their work in Italy and Paris, respectively. Hence, fashion week is a month long program that travels from New York to Paris.

Paris fashion week is known for its unique and chic collections. The fragrance of French fashion has spread worldwide since its inception in August 1914. Since then French fashion continues to dominate the world’s fashion industry.

Types of Shows

Fashion week boast two types shows such as runway show and presentation. Runway show displays the models wearing designer’s creation walking through the ramp. And the runway shows are of very short duration for only few minutes. In contrast, presentations happen for few hours. In compared to the regular fashion show, in presentations, the models only stand in the ramp to provide the viewer a closer view of the clothes. During the runway show, around 30 to 40 styles and looks are displayed by the models in the ramp. The runway show is like the regular fashion show walks which ends with the designer walking out with the show stopper model for a final wave.

Runway Collections

Undoubtedly, the clothes that are displayed by the designer in the cat walk are not sold in the stores. The attires that are showcased on the ramp are more dramatic with all enticing style to catch the buyer’s attention. The designers want to make an impact on the ramp by showcasing their unique creative work and prove their metal in the fashion Industry. They go wild with their imagination and push every boundary to reach the top position with their creativity.

Common people cannot carry such dramatic clothes in daily life. Therefore, the store collections are twisted and altered to fit the requirement of customers. And of course this makes the runaway collection different from the store collection.

Who are Invited for the Show

The fashion show is not a public event. And it is for the rich, famous, celebrity and people from the glamour industry i.e. fashion industry. So, this private event is attended only by invites. It is basically the designers who invities media, big store owners, former models, and celebrities through their PR agency.

But if you are the lucky one and you know someone who works in the fashion industry, then you can manage to earn an invitation card which they give out for friends and family. Though hard to get this passes, the wait and hard work pays off when you get a chance to watch the glittering fashion show live with all its glory.

The show Environment

An event which is flooded with high-class people is obviously a glamorous one. With high profile designers, giant store owners, fashion editors, media, and attractive models, the fashion show is an event full of shimmer, show off, style and scintillating models.

The moment models walk in, the photographers delightfully shout to cheer them up. All the cameras randomly start flashing upon the models. And the editors of the fashion magazine are ready with their pen and paper to note every minute detail. Then there are high class guests who gracefully take their seats and carefully gaze on the collections displayed on the ramp by the models and enjoy them to the fullest.

During the ramp walk, the individual buyers as well as store buyers select the collection they want to purchase. With lights, camera and beautiful models wearing fashionable clothes on the ramp, the fashion show is a must watch event for anyone, especially if you are a fashion freak.

Number of Shows a Model Walks

Well, the fashion industry is buzzing with models. There are established models, average models and newbie models. So, a model walk in the fashion week depends on his/her career establishment. Therefore, a newbie model gets the chance to walk in 6-10 shows, a model who has made average success in his/her career will walk in 10-15 shows in the fashion week, and a highly successful model will get around 15-20 shows. This is how a model’s participation in the fashion week is decided.

Sometimes the models are not even paid for the walks. Still they participate to get the attention of the fashion editors, sponsorers, and big people of the fashion industry. Models get the limelight and free clothes from the designer for participating. As the fashion industry is all about glamour, models need to be in the limelight for a better career prospects.

Why it is Important

Though in the age of globalization and internet, when world looks closer and accessible, the fashion weeks doesn’t mean much to the layman or common people. But for the people associated with the fashion fraternity, the fashion week is a great opportunity to connect with the fashion world.

Basically, it is a wonderful venue for designers and models alike to showcase their talent to the world. Fashion editors and media folk together in this event and do their bit to make the fashion week successful and popular. And the layman can just get entertained by watching the eye- pleasing models in enticing look.

Who Sponsors Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are sponsored by the big player of the fashion industry. These are organized by the famous cosmetic brands or any big fashion brand. Through these shows, the sponsorer also get good amount of revenue and their brand advertisement also happens during the shows. Not necessarily fashion brands, sometime big players from other industry sponsors the fashion weeks.

Automobile giant like Mercedes-Benz organize fashion weeks in New York. The big player from the hospitality industry also takes part in the fashion weeks by becoming a sponsorer. May Fair hotel also sponsor fashion weeks in different cities. In India, the popular cosmetic brand, Lakme, organizes fashion week. The Lakme fashion week is considered as a big event in the Indian Fashion industry.


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