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Nutpoints are earned when you use the Wikinut site and as you become more active in our author community. This page explains some of the ways they can be collected and why they matter to our authors.

What are nutpoints?

Nutpoints are reward tokens issued by the Wikinut website when you participate in the author community and contribute to the site. Unlike your royalties, which are calculated separately, they have no monetary value. They're a fun way to gauge your progress and involvement, and if you gather enough of them they can even become a badge of honour and source of pride.

How can I earn nutpoints?

Your points are automatically credited to your account as you use Wikinut, you don't have to claim them. If you're already a member then you'll have some points right now as we assign your first 25 points as a reward for registering.

We have many different ways to earn points. Some of them are easier than others, and some of them carry bigger rewards. Here are a few of the ways you can collect them:

  • You register with Wikinut - 25 nutpoints
  • You verify your email address - 10 nutpoints
  • You upload your author image - 10 nutpoints
  • You complete your self-description - 10 nutpoints
  • You login (limit 1 per day) - 1 nutpoint
  • One of your pages is published - 10 nutpoints
  • Someone you introduced joins Wikinut and confirms their email address - 50 nutpoints
  • A comment is made on one of your pages - 2 nutpoints
  • You're paid some royalties - 10 nutpoints
  • You reach 100 page views - 25 nutpoints
  • You reach 1,000 page views - 10 nutpoints
  • Daily award for most viewed page - 10 nutpoints
  • You moderate a page (moderator accounts only) - 2 nutpoints

There are others too, but you'll have to find those for yourself!

How can I gauge my progress?

Your account page includes links to your nutpoint report and to your public profile.

Your nutpoint report gives a detailed breakdown of how you've been earning points recently and how many you have in total. The public profile page will give you a feel for how you're doing in relation to other authors, but don't worry about competing with anyone else.

Nutpoints aren't about anyone else really, they're an incentive for each individual author. As authors keep adding to the community the Wikinut site grows, which ultimately yields higher royalty payments to all our authors.


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