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This page is the next update of my first post and this section includes various methods on how to start a fire.

fire starting tutorials

OK, so lets start on how to start building a fire when on a survival and you have basically nothing to start a fire or having a flint to start a fire.

First up for starting any fire requires a few materials already collected from your surroundings.....

> Be sure to collect plenty of dry logs to see through the night.
> collect a lot of dry twigs which will help you to initially keep the fire going.
> Most importantly be sure to make a proper tender bundle which is vital for starting a fire.

Various methods to start a fire

For starting any fire be sure to make a proper tender bundle.
Now what is a tender bundle. A tender bundle is a bunch of dry grass or any such which easily catches a fire. Always keep a tender bundle ready when attempting to start a fire.

A fire is very crucial, and to get a fire going takes lots of careful nurturing of a spark into a full fire.

Any fire basically involves three steps.
First, getting a small flame basically using only the tender bundle
Secondly, putting small dry twigs on to increase the intensity of flame and also making it burn a little longer.
Finally, Add larger pieces of wood slowly to prevent fire from putting out.

And Bingo! you got yourself a fire.

coming back to first step. It is easy to start a fire with a match or lighter.and a bit tricky with the flint stone.
what if you have none of them with you, Don't worry there are many other ways of starting a fire. These are primitive methods, these are fire plough method, hand drill method,bow drill and many more.

The basic of all these methods is creating heat with friction and use the heat to light up a tender bundle.

After heating enough you should see a small ember. Carefully transfer the ember on to the tender bundle and slowly till the tender bundle catches fire.
Now quickly put the tender bundle down and put twigs on the flame and blow onto it.
This is a crucial period as this is the time fire may go out.

Once you got the fire going... Slowly add large dry branches.

And there you go. You got yourself a fire.

Please note.

Work still in progress i'm now working on the pic and video links...which will be published in 2-3 days time


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author avatar The Elements
16th Sep 2012 (#)

Good article. I did not read the first part but i think its very informative...

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author avatar krishV
16th Sep 2012 (#)

thank you for your time. Also see my other 2 pages.

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