All about surviving the wild.

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All you need to survive in the wild with basic tools. And also find some really simple techniques.


Before going into any unknown, follow the code "prepare for the worst and hope it never happens.

For any survival, you will need a few very basic things, namely,
> A Blade or Knife or a Machete
> Matches or Lighter or most preferably a Flint Stone
> A metallic cup (for boiling water or cooking food)
> A water container
> Para cord(ropes used for parachutes)(Most needed if going for hiking)
> most importantly a compass.

Requirements for survival

Any survival requires, water, shelter, fire & food.

It is said a human can go three weeks without food but only three days without water(in desert survival; One cannot survive even for one day without water.)

Next importance is to build a proper shelter for warmth and protection.
With shelter, a fire is also extremely significant; fire allows you to cook your food, boil your water, keep away the wild life and most importantly boosts your morale, which is very important for surviving.

Next up is food, for survival scavenging is the way, don't waste too much energy for finding food. Always have some knowledge of various edible plants in the area you are going and also learn from videos how to set up traps.

Priorities for survival

In which every situation make yourself a sphere with a long flexible wood. This has multiple uses, like.
> Can be used for hunting
> self-defense in an animal attack
> As a support for crossing fast flowing rivers

Next up is getting your bearings, i.e. to find which way to head for finding a civilization.
The best way of doing this is to get to a high ground like a small hill or climb up a tall tree.
If you know in which direction civilization is, simply use your compass or sun to find the right direction.

It is optimal to divide your journey into many small parts; this also helps in maintaining your bearings. The best way of dividing your journey is,
> mark a distinct object such as a large tree or rocky outcrop in the direction of your travel.
> After reaching their repeat the same to an another distinct object.

This has advantages such as,
> It is easier to travel a short distance at a time which keeps your morale up.
> You will also be sure that you are heading the way you wanted to and not walking in circles

Survival codes

These are the most important codes for any survival :-

  • Find a river and follow the bank
  • Always head downstream in search of civilization(doesn't work in the African deserts instead go upstream)
  • Always try to keep your morale up, you lose it you lose everything in the wild.
  • maintain your distance from wildlife
  • Always improvise with what you have with you and what you can find around you.


More in depth tutorials of various aspects such as starting a fire , purifying water will be added soon...keep looking for the post


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14th Sep 2012 (#)

Waiting for your water purifying post!!! :)
I also like environment walk, it's really freshen the body and soul!!!
Please visit my article if u have time ;)

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author avatar krishV
14th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks for your valuable time..
First I am working on how to start a fire.... The later release will be purification of water.

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