Alleged Sightings of the Bigfoot

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A short note about the common sightings reports of the Bigfoot.

Is it real?

Many people around the world have confessed to have seen this giant one time or the other but nobody came up with the evidence. The biggest evidence so far is the video footage shot in 1967 called Patterson-Gimlin film. The film shows an ape-like animal rambling around the shooting premises and then as it heads towards the dense trees it becomes unnoticeable. Some loggers from North Carolina said they had seen one goliath on the road while they were returning from work; children in Michigan had seen one in the backyard; a couple in Michigan told people that one night Bigfoot had come near to their campfire, and other such many sighting reports are regularly heard from people. Also many people like Raymond Wallace came up with the footprints of the alleged monster which generated great curiosity around the world. People say the animal gives out obnoxious odour and also they claim to have reported strange low frequency groans which are believed to come from the Bigfoot. This monster is not reported to have caused any harm to any human being except some sort of damage to properties.

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author avatar Denise O
28th Nov 2010 (#)

I am a, until I see it kind of person when it comes to big foot.
who knows, maybe.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar aesoplado
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

Probably a hoax

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