Amazing Materials with incredible properties

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Amazing materials with amazing properties, that you probably didn't know before reading this, these materials are weird because of their strange scientific properties and uncommon in everyday use.


It is a one-atom thick sheet, of hexagonal structured carbon, virtually a two dimensional material.
It is incredibly strong, 100 times stronger than steel and very highly conductive, the electromotive force being much higher than other materials. It also has a very odd interaction with light and other materials.

Aerogel - The solid air Gel

A gel with liquid component, replaced with a gas. Has extremely low density and extremely low thermal conductivity.
Due to light scattering and a transparent look it is called frozen smoke, solid smoke, solid air, or blue smoke. First aerogels were produced from silica gels,later alumina, chromia and tin dioxide and Carbon.


Liquid Magnet is a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.They are homogeneous colloidal mixture, of magnetic material, if you Google it you might find some amazing stuff they can be used for.

Carbon Nanotubes

Nanotubes are the strongest material ever found by mankind, hair thick strand can bear the weight of an entire car.

Terminator polymer

It is a self-healing material, it requires no catalyst or layering, it may however not heal over same place or multiple separations efficiently.


Starlite is a plastic-like material that can withstand a nuclear blast or temperatures hotter than those on the surface of the sun. Starlite is able to withstand laser beam with temperature of 10,000 C. It can be used as an insulation material. Starlite's composition is a closely guarded secret, it is claimed to be 90% organic.


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