America: A Wasteful Society

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This is an article showing how much Americans waste over time, and that we are very wasteful in general. It also shows how to correct some of our biggest waste issues.

This Article's purpose

In this country we waste more than any other country in the world. We throw away millions of water bottles, burn thousands of watts of electricity, and even waste millions of gallons of water per day. Why do we do this? We do this because our society has made being wasteful part of everyday life. We don't even think about what we are wasting we just throw it in the trash. This article will hopefully show you ways to protect mother Earth

1. Plastic Waste

Plastics are made from oil meaning that they are non-renewable yet we treat them as if we will always have an endless supply of them. My main example is plastic bags at supermarkets. Every time we go to a supermarket we put our groceries in plastic bags and we go home unload them and put them into our refrigerator, and then guess what we do? We throw the bags away. Now us doing this once a week by ourselves is not the end of the world, but when you multiply it by all of the families in America you get a considerable amount of waste.

Another plastic product that is overly wasted is water bottles. It has become popular for us to pop in a few dollars and buy a water bottle drink it and then throw it away. Most people in the U.S. would ask me what is bad about this habit. Well what is bad about this habit is that it can be avoided you can easily refill your water bottles or buy a thermos from your local store. American waste millions of water bottles per day, and for what to use them once, and then never use them again.

2. Hazardous Waste

These are the kinds of things that should have proper treatment before being released into the environment as trash. My main example will be batteries. We use many batteries in a day, but the most commonly thrown away would AA batteries these things go like crazy. The most wasteful object that uses these are gaming controllers (Such as Xbox 360). This is a waste however because you can easily buy rechargeable batteries to save the environment. There is even a specially made rechargeable battery for wireless Xbox controllers.

Other hazardous wastes, include metals. These can be recycled yet we throw them into one big pile and go mine more why? If we would recycle even a third of our metal we would be doing the world a huge favor. Look for a recycling center near you. To find a recycling center go here

3. Paper Products

do it very often too. I go to the store pick up paper plates and then use them all in like a week, but there are ways to cut down on paper plate use. Use Glass plates they are dishwasher safe, and they can be used over and over. If you need to you can even use plastic plates; these are cheaper than glass plates, and they are not breakable.

Paper itself is another huge problem. Schools go through paper like there is no tomorrow, and there won't be unless they rain it in. Even households could show better paper habits. When buying paper buy paper that is recycled. If you don't like recycled paper at least take used paper to a recycling center. Remember just because tress are renewable does not mean they we are not using paper faster than trees. can grow back.

These are just a few of the ways that we as Americans can cut down on waste, and remember it will take time and people to make a difference, so if you are dedicated to protecting our environment stick to it and congrats to you.

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