An Interview with a Painter

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Lines, curves, shades, shadows, light; they are just a few elements of the what we call ART. An element is necessary for every creation before it can be called art. To create a master piece needs a hand and a heart that will bring an inspiration to life.

The Fate of Every Painter

January 2011. One afternoon, I had an interview with an artist– a painter. She was never known by may because she hasn’t amazed the world with her creations yet. But when do we really know one is a great artist. Let’s take a look at Leonardo da Vinci. Certainly, everyone knows how great he was as a painter. He created the most expensive work of art in the world, “Monalisa”. But was the painting intended to be great? Never. He never thought of it to be great. It was just a mere portrait for him at that time, but turned out to be one of his great creations.

Many painters in the past have the same desire as Leonardo. And even at present many aspires to be great like him. But why can’t they make it? Why lives seem so hard for most painters or generally for the artist in the world? In my interview with Eunice she told me,

“To be an artist you need to have a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of effort. It may start fun and a hobby but once you make it as a job; everything turns out to be an obligation and all things are done in a must. Pressure, burden, stressful all that might distort the real essence of an art which is the love and the passion to create.”

Eunice stops painting already. She started eagerly with the hope of becoming a great artist in the future but ended it; thinking the demands wouldn’t lead her to be happy. She added;

” Almost all artist live life in misery. Alone, poor, at times misunderstood and they hardly earn much recognition while they’re still alive. For me, to be recognized, you have to die first.”

Sad as it is, but somehow true. I don’t know much about being a painter and studying the details in order to create a master piece. Whether she’s right or wrong about it but I believe she also has a point.

The Painter "Eunice" YuJin Seo

Eunice is a typical woman of desire and hope. Korean, and a Language Teacher in Japanese. Just turned 27 and planning to get married by this year after her boyfriend get a good job for their future.

When you see her, you can never think of anything but a beauty and a substance combined. Eunice is my student. It's not her first time to visit Philippines to study English. Actually it's her third already. She started studying English in Cebu Study from 2008 until now; every winter in Korea.

Nobody knows her much. That she is an artist within. A dreamer. Eunice told me that, even her boyfriend doesn't know everything about her painting skills. Or maybe just know the fact that she draws or sketches but not really as a painter. A maker of a soon to be great master pieces in the world. Who knows?

Featuring "Amazon" by Eunice YuJin Seo

This is Eunice masterpiece. The name of the painting is “Amazon”. Certainly, it shows a jungle and a great piece of art.

She told me that she created it after experiencing a very long darkness. That's the reason why, the result of the painting came out to be very heavy and dark but blended with lights and the sense peace. A sign that she has moved on.

I salute her. She was so defined in her lines, curves and shadows. She created it last January 2005. It actually took her a week to do it.

You might not believe me but that painting was the first painting after nine (9) years of not painting anything. Another shocking fact is it's her last until the present. Well, I don’t know exactly. Who can tell anyway?

A dream will remain a dream if you will not pursue it. But even if you are already there, you must continue loving it.

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25th Jan 2011 (#)

I hope all her dreams are fulfilled.
That is a lovely picture.
Very atmospheric.

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25th Jan 2011 (#)

Great article. I got curious now about it.
Thanks for sharing

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