An Introduction to Blogs

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Web blogs are those sites that have multiple entries which are updated, with feed backs and comments available. Usually, on a particular theme or subject, the web blogs can be business orientated or non-commercial. Web blogs today do not require any HTML or coding, as Blog providers provide them.

An Introduction to Blogs

Therefore, if you intend on starting a blog, the good news is that there are a good number of free blog providers available which provide a variety of blog features and options. Consider the likes of Blogger (partnered with Google) or Word Press which is another good alternative. Then there are other providers, which might have a small fee requirement for registration.

When you decide which provider to use, you will have to register with them. Usually, this will require a user name and then a password. After registering, you will then be able to start your blog.

Starting the blog really only requires selecting firstly a name, or blog title, and then a suitable blog template. The likes of Blogger will provide a suitable variety of templates that you can select for your blog. Pick a template that you feel suitable for your blog, and a title that will reflect the blog theme.

Your blog provider will likely have further options that you might want to look at before you actually start adding content. For example, there may be further options which will allow you to customize the blog a little bit. You can even add banners to blogs (like Helium banners), by adding a little banner code. The coding is available for tweaking, however steer clear if you are not especially proficient in this area.

Then you can start to add your blog content. Blog content should not be especially long. Shorter, sharper blog entries are generally better. Longer entries should not be overly long. These blog entries will need an appropriate heading also.

Formatting options will likely be available. For example, to add pictures. On Blogger, you can add small, medium or larger pictures. Just be careful not to overuse them. You can also use bold or italic text, for emphasis. Web links can be used, as on other web sites, to link to alternative pages.

When a post or entry is added, then feedback is optional. These are comments, which can be made on any blog. Respond to these, and update the blog if you want more traffic.

So really, blogs are a good alternative to websites. Consider registering with a blog provider, and get blogging!


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