An Introduction to Nintendo's F-Zero Game Series

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F - Zero is a perhaps Nintendo's second biggest racing game series after Super Mario Kart. F – Zero debuted in the early 1990s, and since then the game has had multiple sequels on various consoles. This is a futuristic racing game that has plenty of fans.

An introduction to Nintendo's F-Zero game series

The first game of the series emerged on the SNES in 1990. At a time when games were predominantly 2-D, when F – Zero was launched it was one of the smoothest pseudo-3-D racing games ever to grace a game console. It incorporated Mode 7 into its various circuits which ensured that F -Zero was one of the first 2.5 D, or two-and-a-half-dimension, racing games. With such innovation this F – Zero game inspired a generation of racing games such as Wipeout which was among the PlayStation game titles.

The game is set in 2560 AD, and so includes a variety of futuristic automobiles. These are more like hovercars, as they do not include any wheels. These can eclipse speeds of some 500 Km/h. There are a variety of these to select from, such as the Blue Falcon, Black Bull, Blood Hawk, Rainbow Phoenix and the Dragon Bird. They have variable speed, body, grip etc.

The F-Zero game series also has a variety of settings for its various circuits. For example, they include Big Blue, Mute City and Port Town which are primarily earth bound locations. However, some of the circuits are also located on different planets.

Since the first F-Zero game on the SNES, there have been a number of sequels on further Nintendo consoles. F – Zero X on the N 64 was the first to include more genuine 3-D. This game added hills, loops, tunnels, corkscrew and pipes to its various circuits. It also greatly expanded the number of vehicles to select from.

Other games of the series include F – Zero Maximum Velocity. This was the first on one of the portable game consoles, the Game Boy Advance. On the Nintendo Game Cube there was F – Zero GX which included a customization mode for the first time. This game also had an arcade counterpart, that of F-Zero AX. The most recent addition to the F – Zero game series is that of F – Zero Climax. This introduced an F – Zero track editor in which custom tracks can be saved.

Undoubtedly, F – Zero games are among the fasted-paced racers around. Since 2004, there have been no further additions to the F – Zero game series. However, whilst nothing has been confirmed F – Zero could make a return on the Wii – U.


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