An Overview of Google Search Tricks

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There are a few search tricks for the Google search engine. Such tricks can help find better related websites, documents etc and generally further enhance your web searches. So here are a few Google search tricks.

An Overview of Google Search Tricks

The first trick is to use quotation marks for more specific searches. By adding double “quotation” marks around the search phrase it will be more specific. As such, by doing this the search engine will only return websites that match the exact phrase making the search a good deal more specific. It is also good to include quotation marks when searching for a book title, album, game etc as then the titles are less likely to be confused.

If you want to find specific authors of books, then you should consider using the asterisk * in your searches. The asterisk becomes more of a wild-card search term, and if you use it next to a book title such as 'Lord of the Rings *,' it will then return the author of the book also.

Another trick worth noting is how the plus and minus sign can be used with Google search engines. The (+) sign used before a search word will mean that this must be found in a search. A minus sign can also be included after the first word, before a second word that you do not wish to be included and so those results will be excluded from the search. For example, try the search Jaguar -cars.

For a very simple trick, if you are searching for images then select the option images from the top left of the Google search engine. The image search engine is a better way to search for these, and will then present the results as images.

Google also has advanced search options. These options are on the right side of the search engine box. Select it, and then there are a variety of more advanced search options that you can make use of. With it, you can modify the number of results displayed, and then search for websites which include the stated words.

In addition to this, with Google you can also specify that your search come from within a specific website. Let us say for example, that you want football pages from the BBC website only. To do this, you include square brackets, then include the search word, and then the website address. So for this example: . This would then bring up a number of BBC related football pages.

Overall, these are just a few great Google search engine tricks. Such tricks will likely make your Google searches more efficient, and find more relevant websites and pages.


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