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My 8 year old daughter pops a sudden request. I take up the challenge and construct a basket that I am quite proud of and so I am sharing it with you.

A surprise challenge

The hour is approximately 21:00 and it is well past bedtime for my 3rd grade daughter. when she approaches me and informs me that she is going to be participating in a play the next day. The play is of little red riding hood and she is supposed to bring a basket of goodies to school to use in the play. Therefore she needs:
A) A basket
b) An apple
c) A bannana
d) Some cookies
The problem: I do have a few cookies in the house but none of the other components. The local grocery is closed and I am the nominal babysitter of my daughters for the evening so that going out shopping is also out.

I take up the challenge

As I explained, my daughter has just presented me with a challenge. Can I procur the necessary components for her play using my creativity alone? Fortunately for me, a basket of mushrooms has recently been vacated by the denizens who were consumed during a recent meal. Now all I need is a way to fit the necessary food stuffs into a little green basket and some improvistation to arrange a handle for the basket. Unfortunately, The cookies I have at home are a bit big for this kind of a basket and, as I have already stated the fruits are not readily available - even if they would fit.

My solution

Fortunately for me, I have an adequate supply of modeling clay of various colors left over from a birthday activity (the kids all made turtles - but thats for a different article). So, careful modelling of some yellow clay, easily yields a bannana. Flattening of three brown circles provide for three cookies - black spots are added to create the "chocolate chip" appearance. The apple is made of green and some brown is mixed into a small bit of green for the leaf, the stem comes naturally with some more brown.

Lo and Behold! - Little Red Riding Hood's basket of goodies is born!


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