Ancient wisdoms can still be applied today in our modern-day lives

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Wisdom accumulates from the growth of knowledge, but it takes more than just knowledge of facts to understand.

This article discusses how the ancient wisdoms still can be applied within our lives today.

Truth always remains truth, and so does wisdom. For that matter, so does love.

Wisdom builds onto wisdom

Wisdom is the understanding of truth, as it is being exhibited through knowledge.

This means that even though our knowledge itself is always increasing, our wisdom will always fit whatever new knowledge, that it is being applied to.

Wisdom too, is always increasing and growing itself newly within us consciously, but this does not mean that any ancient wisdom is irrelevant, or of no practical use, when being reapplied into the different situations of today's world.

Some of the masters of the past eras had a lot of wisdom, but just how can it be applied in today's world?

Wisdom exists in the form of innate understanding of truth as it lives in you unconsciously. The wisdom of applying unconscious wisdom consciously is acquired from the meeting of love with truth.

The meeting of love with truth creates consciousness as a mirror of reflective wisdom that can then be stored consciously in the vehicle known to us as our soul.

Our soul exists unconsciously within God, but becomes conscious only when an outer body is attached to it. In this way, the soul can see itself acting from its unconscious wisdom being now applied consciously from an awareness of how love interacts with the other parts of God in relational connection to itself.

Some people, in line with the teachings of the Law of Attraction, have told us that we can only take into our mind the conscious wisdom that matches our own unconscious wisdom. It is true that our consciousness continually grows and expands itself within us, and that this process never stops.

This means that there is always another level of wisdom, and another step of learning for us to take. Everything becomes clearer, and so better understood, as our conscious understanding of it also grows.

This might imply to you that we would be then limited by our own conscious recognition of something. What we are not consciously aware of, we cannot yet understand consciously.

If we do not have the awareness to see something, maybe we just do not then consciously see it, or yet understand it, or see the love that is always coming to us, in everything that is ever happening to us in our lives. We haven't yet acquired the wisdom to see the wood from the trees.

We are too tied up with our own selves to grasp yet the bigger picture, and so be able to fit the ancient wisdoms into the whole picture as well.

Even this is not entirely the full picture though, because we are really all always unlimited in our knowing.

Consciousness and wisdom

The consciousness factor is merely an expression of our knowing being experienced from love in such a way that it is mirrored in the accompanying created consciousness.

This allows you to retrospectively see what has happened. The situation has been reflected from the inner knowing outwardly to enable the wisdom of an inner and outer meeting to take place. This then achieves a practical living arrangement for you, and for all life forms, whilst life is trying to live separately more or less in its lower forms.

Wisdom springs from self-knowledge, and the masters of the past have always told us to, "know thyself."

This ancient advice was, "written on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi."

When we know our own selves first, we do not try to own somebody's else's wisdoms or truths, and then call them our own. We understand our own truths, even as they live within us, being us. We are all gifted with parts of God's truths that we are meant to learn more about in this lifetime. We are to become wise in ourselves, by doing this.

Wisdom comes along in its own way, and we should never force it to fit ourselves.

This is where we should not just take ancient wisdoms, and willy-nilly apply them to our own lives. We must first understand ourselves, and then the idea is to make our own unconscious wisdom, conscious.

The mirror of truth

Ancient wisdom provides a reflective curtain of truth that mirrors our own truths.

We see our own unconscious wisdom being mirrored back to us now consciously in this mirror of ancient wisdom.

We can become more focussed in finding ourselves, and in understanding ourselves.

Ancient wisdom, like any other wisdom though, is only as useful as we can experience it consciously for ourselves.

When we do this, we have a unique feeling of knowing arise within us, even as our newly acquired conscious wisdom is being aligned with the unconscious truth of God's wisdom as it exists within us, when we connect ourselves to God.

Ancient wisdom connects to us, as much as we connect to it.

Ancient wisdoms can be applied by us in our own lives, as much as we allow these ancient wisdoms to be seen in the light of now, as being a part of God's own everlastingly eternal wisdom pool. This wisdom pool exists within us, as much as we reconnect ourselves consciously to it.

Ancient wisdom always exists unconsciously within us, but by consciously recognising and accepting its existence, we take this wisdom into our own life, and so we then have the chance to live from it, not separately, but in connective alliance with the greater wisdom pool of which we are all a part.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

This quote is from that ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, (469 BC to 399 BC).

I guess that he meant here that nothing becomes everything when you recognise that everything remains nothing because oneness remains oneness.

You know it all already, and to know nothing extra (that is, not adding falseness to truth) allows you to be this all, instead of you being something else instead, of your own making, by you thinking that you know something more than nothing.

What exactly is ancient wisdom, anyway?

Ancient wisdom is the recorded understanding of truths as they existed at that time.

Ancient wisdom still applies today, as long as those same truths still exist.

Truth's oneness is of course non changing, and truth itself is eternally constantly only ever itself.

Individual truths change though, as much as an individual grows consciously within themselves in gaining a greater perspective viewing of more of the parts of universal truth, as they are being focussed through the lens of God's love within themselves.

Truth is infinite in its oneness, and this means that for us all, there is always another aspect of truth to be seen. Truth fundamentally never changes, but our conscious wiser application of it can do so, as we become more consciously aware of how God's love lives within each of us, in being our true selves.

Only by being our real self, can we become wiser in the application of another aspect of the infinite ways in which God's love can live within us, and connect to another person, while doing so.

Listening to the depths of the unconsciousness of God creates a rhythmic beating of his love, welling up now, moving to the rhythm of your own consciousness. This is because love creates consciousness as much as it is allowed to move through its vehicle without being diverted for the meeting of the vehicle's own desires, or needs.

Wisdom is allowing love's consciousness to form itself within you.

Consciousness is created not unlike a magnetic field is created around a magnet, or around moving electricity. When love moves through you unobstructed, consciousness grows around you. You need consciousness to grow wisdom within.

Ancient wisdoms must be consciously recognised as being true to you, before you can apply them truly in your own life, but now they are seen as just being the recognition of only one of your own previously unknown unconscious wisdoms, or truths.

We already know it all unconsciously.

Ancient wisdoms help us to bring these truths to our own consciousness, just as each one of those old spiritual masters once did for themselves, so long ago.

Wisdom itself never dies, it is just seen once more within a newer consciousness, that is always growing.

Consciousness is a bed of love in which wisdom's roots are planted already, unconsciously. We see the flowering of this wisdom within our own selves, when we allow God's love to flow though us consciously.

Ancient wisdom still grows the same flowers, as well as all of the new ones as well.

Wisdom is simply the recognition of God's truth, and seeing the love that is contained within every experience, and within every soul. God is love, and so is everything else.

There is nothing but love.

Ancient wisdom, and today's wisdom both allow us to see this one great unchangeable truth.

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Good share my friend. "Be still and know that I am God" has far more wisdom than most of us ever realize. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks Kingwell, yes, that's a great quote with eternal meaning to it from the bible.

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author avatar M G Singh
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Nice post and share

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author avatar spirited
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

thanks Madan

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Good share Spirited. Basics never change especially those that touch a chord within us.

It is said common sense is not that common. I think it applies to wisdom too in the sense we can tap wisdom in many ways but we choose otherwise! Tapping wisdom starts with the basics - do unto others as you have them do unto you, giving benefit of doubt, not jump to conclusions, embracing all as our immediate family. Children should be taught to meditate to know themselves through tapping their inner awareness - siva

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author avatar spirited
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

"we can tap wisdom in many ways but we choose otherwise."

Thanks siva, Your type of common sense is not that common, but when we hear it we recognise it as being wisdom then too.

You always start from the basics, this is what makes your writing so relevant for us all I think, helping us to learn wisdom.

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author avatar Utah Jay
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

I just now noticed that I was not fallowing you...So sorry for the oversight.
And may I say that my life would not be the same without ancient wisdom, I trust it more than I do the so-called science of the day.

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author avatar spirited
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks, Utah Jay,

yes, ancient wisdom has been proven to be wisdom many times over, the so-called science has not reached this level yet I feel too.

At this stage, it remains just knowledge, and it has not moved across to being wisdom, or being applied wisely as yet I feel.

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author avatar Carol Roach
23rd Apr 2015 (#)

Abraham is ancient wisdom as well from the law of attraction, Esther hicks is the channelor

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author avatar spirited
23rd Apr 2015 (#)

yes, wisdom can come through different channels, thanks Carol

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