Angels in Wisconson

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When you let go of a situation,and ask God to take control...The wonders that happen,are beautiful.

Angels are car mechanics...Please bear with the details.

My girlfriend's father was having heart surgery in December 2010.Her parents lived in Minnesota at the time,so the drive from Ohio was a long one.Candace,my girlfriend,is very responsible when it comes to taking care of her Jeep,so we took her vehicle.The drive up,was without incident.
Everything went well with the surgery,and we stayed until her father came home.Then we said our goodbyes,and started driving back to Ohio.We got fuel,and made it to Wisconsin before we decided to stop and get something to eat.
After our meal,I got into the Jeep,and hurried to start the car.It was very cold,and we both sought heat.When I turned the key...Nothing...The dashboard lights flickered a bit,but the car didn't even attempt to turn over.Neither of us are very knowledgeable on cars,so we didn't know where to begin.
I thought it may be the battery.Maybe we left something on,and it drained.I pushed it out of the parking space,and looked around for someone to help try to jump it.I started approaching a car that had just pulled into the restaurant.Candace insisted I not ask them,because they had kids with them,so I turned around and saw another Jeep driving by.
I waved them over,and it was two woman,that could not have been more helpful.They conversed with us for 10 minutes,as we attempted to charge the battery.The whole time I prayed to God.I prayed that there was nothing we could do,so I placed everything in his hands.I was trying to remain calm for Candace's sake,and I can honestly say I was.I did not let it upset me,and I also prayed for patience.When I tried to start the car again,it still did nothing.One of the women had A.A.A,and called for a tow truck.It was Saturday night,and we had no idea where we were,where a car shop might be,or if any would be open the next day,it being Sunday and all.The women went into eat,as we waited for the tow truck.They told us to get them if there were any problems.
When the tow truck showed up,the driver asked for the A.A.A.card.I did not want to bother the women's meal,but I had no choice.When I walked to the doors to enter the restaurant,the A.A.A.member was walking out to check on us.We asked the tow truck driver of any close mechanics we could tow the Jeep to.He mentioned one down the street,that may have still been open.I ran through the snow to the building,but it was closed.Then,I noticed a light coming from an overhead door on another building behind me.
As if drawn,I went to the door and peered in.I noticed it was an auto shop,with one guy working.I knocked on the door,and a guy answered,who looked like a hardened criminal.Tattoos covered his arms,and neck,but you can't judge a book by it's cover.I explained the situation to the gentleman,and he said he would come take a look.I ran back to the restaurant,and was greeted with good news.The tow truck driver had found out the problem with the car,but did not have the tools to fix it.It was a corroded battery cable.
At this time,The man from the car shop walked over,and assured us he could fix it.He temporarily started the car,and told us to drive over to the shop.We thanked the women,and the tow truck driver,and drove the Jeep to where the man was waiting for us.He fixed the cable in 10 minutes and would not except,what little money we had.It turned out,he was working late that night to finish a job.He explained how rare it was for anyone to be there at that time.He then asked me if I had a cellphone.I checked my pockets,and it was nowhere to be found.The man then held up my phone,and asked"is this it?"He had found it walking back to his shop,after it had fallen out of my pocket while I was running.
In no more than an hour from the first key turn,we were back on the road,almost in tears at the power we had just witnessed...and I will explain...For starters,was the first car I approached to ask for help.Candace insisted that I didn't,and I listened.The women we happened to ask,were very generous,and had A.A.A.Even the woman walking out to check on us before I interrupted their meal was a blessing.It was the A.A.A. tow truck driver who figured out the problem,just in time for the mechanic to know he could fix it.The mechanic I found by"chance"from a light that caught my eye.We didn't have to spend any money,which we desperately needed for the ride home,and he happened to find my cellphone in the snow...
This was the a very profound situation for me,based on the fact,I really did let go of everything,and let God handle it.We as humans,rarely do this,because we want to feel in control of our lives.The strange calm I felt,in place of what was usually anger,and anxiety,was God piecing together everything,to fall perfectly in place.Every situation can turn out like this,if we learn to place our trust in him...and stop letting life,be the death of us;)


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