Animal Intelligence: The Unanswered Question

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Are animals intelligent or are they able to acquire a habit?

How Intelligent are Animals?

When I was a little girl I would go with my grandfather to take the cattle to the river at noon time and once the cattle were let out they followed the daily route to the river and back and when they were taken out in the morning to go out to pasture they would be left on their own and in the evening they would come home unaccompanied and what used to amaze me then is how they knew the way home. Is it that they are intelligent or was it a habit that they had managed to acquire?


A few years back I notice a rat in my residence and since I was not able to take it out, my mum gave me a kitten and I named her Icez. This began my journey that racked my brain.
The first days Icez would cry in the morning and I had to wake up to give her fresh food and by the end of the week she only meowed when she heard me open the bedroom door and she would purr and lean on me as I put for her some milk in her bowl. She had actually adapted to my waking up hours and would sleep when I did.

Since I lived alone with Icez, I guess she knew that I was the only source of her entertainment and she loved playing with my toes so much that she would hid at the corner when I went to the bathroom and jump on me when I was getting out .Was it intelligence or had she studied my behavior?

I was sad that I had to move house and so I gave Icez away to a good family but I will never forget her and the fact that every time I left her to go run errands she would sit at the kitchen window facing outside until I returned.


My mum loves animals and she was rearing pigs and one time after the piglets were born only two remained and the sow (their mother) was too weak to suckle them and my mum would let them roam free in our compound and what fascinated me is that they did not get inside the house even when the door was open or go beyond the gate but they would follow my mum around even to the gate when she was leaving and run to her when she came back.

Do you think animals are intelligent ?


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author avatar Zeldash
3rd Apr 2012 (#)


All kittens are same but mine used to make mornings hell by meowing for hours until i let her in.

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author avatar Rosaline
4th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks Zeldash for reading and commenting. At least it shows that your kitten knew how to get your attention.Much appreciated

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author avatar Zeldash
4th Apr 2012 (#)

:( She left one morning when i was too sleepy to get to her.

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author avatar Rosaline
5th Apr 2012 (#)

Zeldash her time to move on had come

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