Animals of the Ice Age

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Here are a few popular animals found during the Ice Age. They are beautiful creatures. I have provided you with a few facts about each animal.


The average Sloth grows to about 1 to 2.5 feet long. Their hair helps them camoflague to protect them from predators. They eat small animals, leaves, twigs, and different fruits. They do not drink water or other liquids because they get the juices and water from their foods that they eat. The sloth stays with its mother until it is 5 to 6 weeks old. The sloths eat their food, sleep, and mate hanging from a tree limb upside down! Sloths move very slow and have sharp claws to defend themselves. The average life span for a sloth is about 35 years old.


These Ice Age mammals were equiped with large tusks and long thick hair. Their relatives are elephants. The average Mammoth weighed about 7 tons. Most mammoths are said to only be the size of a modern elephant. The average height of a Wooly Mammoth is about 11 feet tall. There have been fossils found in the midwestern United States. About 1-2 million years ago, the first mammoths roamed the United States. Around 11,000 years ago, all mammoths became extinct.

Saber-Toothed Cat

The saber-toothed tiger (also known as the Saber-Toothed Cat) had 2 large teeth on the top set of teeth that were about 20 centimeters long. The first Saber-Tooth was born about 34 million years ago and the last one died about 10,000 years ago. Their large teeth were used for hunting other animals. Scientists are not completely sure how they used them, because if they used them for catching and grabbing prey, their teeth would probably break. The name Saber-Toothed Tiger is used often but is not very true in a way. Saber-Toothed tigers are not related to tigers at all, they are related to cats. This is why the name “Saber-Toothed Cat” is used.

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