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We all love to succeed, but who loves to go through the "stuff" associated with genuine from the ground success? We all love to "Get lucky on the first try". Indeed, though, who wants to do it from the ground up, "failing to greatness", succeeding ultimately? That is what this whole article is really about. Success in life from the ground up in a bare knuckles way that is genuine without depending on luck, fortune or whatever. I will break it down, all you have to do is read with an open mind.

Real success comes from fully understanding failure anyway, fake success is too good to be true

"We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Mark Spitz said in 1972 after the Olympics, and his big medal wins. Listen, understanding failure fully is a full and complete part of the genuine training of anyone who genuinely succeeds. An understanding of what not to do and then getting it right creates more success than all of the "beginner's luck" in existence really when seriously thought about.

If having everything handed to you without work or understanding is success, then everything would have worked out wonderfully for everyone without worry, right? Well, considering how many "instant success stories" without understanding end with "then came mismanagement and the fall". I would personally rather understand fully what I am doing instead of "getting lucky quick" without experience, understanding or realization of what is going on.

Genuine failure comes when you do understand fully what to do right, even have a chance to do it again and quit anyway out of embarrassment. I mean, how many foolish suicides happen because of this sort of thing? Too many. How many foolish "beginner's luck" successes do not go back and try again in a smart way because of that viewpoint? Too many.

Real success never gives up, especially when the going gets hard. Real failure depends on "would have", "should have" and "I was lucky once". Real success depends on understanding what things are worth to you and working for them whatever outer thoughts may be of others "good" or "bad". You know, real success depends on inner conditions infinitely more than outer conditions. Real success comes down to fully understanding what success is worth to you. Getting lucky is worth nothing, but creation of real success with a full understanding of how not to fail is worth everything.

Blood, guts, grits and sweat

Real success does not come lucky, it is paid for. When I realized what i had to pay fully, I flinched like anyone would. But, I stopped flinching, and I started earning, baby, earning in spite of the "odds against me" or even "lucky odds for me". I would rather earn instead of get it given to me easy, because as Napoleon Hill once said: "I am glad I wasn't born with a bag of gold around my neck weighing me down. I am free to succeed on my own terms." Through my own failures, foolishness and shortcomings, I know what he meant. As a young child, I had Asperger's syndrome with sensory integration problems that I slowly overcame through work and understanding from outside and inside of myself, especially inside myself. Through trial, error and self-honesty I realized my own mind was the key to where i really wanted to go in life, but first, I had to understand fully what it would take to be a genuine success, and not just a "lucky success on paper" like "everyone else". Listen, the real blessings come to those who appreciate them anyhow, not to those blind people who get "lucky" and waste everything without appreciation, but a big, "woe is me, I lost it all" story to tell.

Ungrateful winners, and grateful losers who ultimately end up with all the real winnings

Loss is a slip and not a fall. The real fall is when you quit after the loss, and say "Finished!" and be embarrassed by losing as if the failure is final. Nobody is a failure that can take it, nobody.

When something is not earned with gratitude or genuine effort, and a taking for granted, count that as a genuine loss also. Real winning comes from understanding and effort, not sucking in advantages like an unconscious sponge that does not know "why". Indeed, some so-called grateful losers, end up winners because they have the capacity to practice the most genuine of gratitude in life: The fact that there is always a chance for redemption when you know how to use it is the greatest thing in existence and what it takes to have a viewpoint opposing mine is to be the person who "gives up fully" and says there is not any way. Creativity is power, and to succeed, you must understand then invent a new way to succeed, and not default to failure or quitting or any of it. After all, the only reality is within ourselves, and what we make it through our actions. Take it how you may, but, it really is up to us all to make ourselves what we want to be.

Time heals all wounds, especially the seemingly most horrible injustices to "normal" consciousness

Time, it heals all things, especially the seemingly giant injustices life seems to give out handily. Think about that fact for a moment and you will see that justice is always served no matter how well the "crime is done" or "the dead body is hidden". Indeed, ultimately the only one the criminal cheats is themselves, and they are cheating themselves of innocence. The victim can heal, but the criminal inflicts the biggest wound on themselves.

As the musical group Culture Club said back in the 1980s: Time is like a clock of the heart. I agree with that analogy, time itself is the clock of the heart, especially where reality and everything that counts is concerned. Like I said above, a victim can heal, a criminal just has a festering wound of genuine guilt.

Success is the best revenge some would say, especially genuine, hard-earned success with an honest and innocent essence. What I mean is bouncing back from being a victim makes some of the greatest success. But, sometimes some of the worst losers wallow in their victim status and play the "fear everything" game. In life, you either make it or you do not is what I am saying, and life is a cold master, but a great servant also. Life is a cold, unfeeling objective master in that it is purely and solely what you make it through your actions, beliefs and realities. Life is a great servant on the same token when you make a success through your actions, believe in optimism in a genuinely rational, objective way that works, and work with reality in that "nature obeyed succeeds always" way.

So, I want you to take this from this article: Reality like gravity is objective, when we work with it productively, it works right. When we are genuinely destructive, it will always work wrong. The key is understanding, and the door is all the rest of it including Patience, Tolerance, Discipline, Thought and Control. When we fully understand, we can fully apply all of the rest of the qualities mentioned and positively more.


Reality to be conquered must be implicitly obeyed. I could end with that sentence, because it sums up well what I have been trying to say this whole article. But what I am saying through that sentence in a myriad of ways is that each person is their own judge, jury, executioner and action taker, and the whole through genuine consciousness. But we can obey or disobey reality. But do it knowing this: You shall not get away with it and you will benefit of pay to the measure. We all can tell ourselves what we want about that fact. In the end though, this is reality and we live no place else.

More So:

We may live in reality, but all it takes to make that reality better is perseverance and persistence is what I mean also. We cannot genuinely cheat ourselves or reality though is also what I implicitly mean. By no means am I an extreme transcendentalist or total materialist, but, I do believe the alchemy of everyday life is genuinely "working at it" and earning it to make it better or change for the better.

Listen, I am just writing this section to clarify and augment the other sections so that they come together in the ideal way I mean them to. I am not writing this to preach to the choir or pontificate in any way. In short, I am writing what I feel would be a great article to read to help myself, and then pass the ideas to others to help them in the way I would want to be helped. I understand how frustrating life can be when effort and perseverance is needed to change it for the better, and it has to be mustered up from the rough impatience of frustration, so that is just something I wanted to clear up in this part of the article. Perseverance and the proper use of will power is key to winning for real anyway, not "Selling out and taking the deal". Weariness makes cowards and compromise artists of us all, they say? Well, maybe the advice I am giving will make a real winner of someone who needs it, even me. My point is like Melvin Powers' book "Dynamic Thinking", which I suggest should be read quite a few times to truly and honestly 'get'. The quitter is a failure, while the one who persists and does the due ultimately succeeds. Well, what more do you need? You want a big segue, don't you? Well: The lowest form of creativity is lying to yourself and cheating yourself. The highest form of creativity is pure honesty that is pushed through to genuine success. That is reality at its best to me. Can you dig the points out and benefit without quitting? I know there are those who can (including myself), that is who I wrote this for. When you can honestly say "the puzzle is solved" and mean it fully, you won. I don't play games, I am serious. Call it processing toward and in no-game conditions of seriousness and Godhood, call it what you want. But, I can only say that when you (or I) are real, life is real. What do you think George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff meant by "Life is real, only then, when 'I am'" anyway? I'll give you two of the answers, right and wrong:

A wrong answer: We play until we are bored and then give up in frustration.

A right answer: We play and persist until we win in our reality.

I cannot tell you everything, but I gave you a great hint right there. Thank you for reading.


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