Any Luck, good or bad and the core of all mysticism versus realistic Objectivist thought and action

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Cause and effect are the ultimate powers in existence and genuinely repeatable. Luck is a miracle that can happen, but is not repeatable, unless there is more luck to make it repeat somehow. When I write about cause and effect purely, I am writing about objective reality that is a principle, not about luck. So, with that said, I will simplify as much as possible, but I will kind of explain the universe at the same time:

All concepts work somehow whether seemingly rational or not

The saying that "nothing unreal exists" applies here, especially when it comes to lucky chances once in a while or proven cause and effect all the way across the spectrum. When I think about a "hot mess" concept, it is pure repeatable luck that works in real life as a consistent miracle that will not stop. What I mean is the lucky once in a lifetime chance that comes through and then the attempt is made to repeat it as if it is cause and effect instead of a one-time miracle of good luck.

So, I will make this blanket statement: If an idea works, it is not so much luck, it is an idea whose time has come fully in full circle even if it seems like luck or fortune. Something at a deep level decides that it is time for something to work. Shallow reality says "luck", deep reality says, "its time has come!" Sure, I can talk about everything being able to work rationally at some level all that I want or need, but to combine luck and realistic cause and effect as an idea bridge, that seems like a stretch even to me until reality happens in the most common and strange ways that connect luck and cause and effect in that said way that says "All concepts work somehow whether seemingly rational or not."

Start thinking here:

Reality in a sense comes down to what we perceive, but it really comes down to what is objectively happening in it. It does not matter about fear or faith, but it does matter how we perceive good or bad happenings. The glass is not half-empty or half-full, it just objectively has water in it until it is emptied or added to. So, you have to understand that perception is what good and bad comes down to. The opportunity or setback is there, but only there in the realm of perception to us. Indeed, cause and effect are ultimately subjective perceptions with objective causes too. What I mean is, if we perceive an advantage it is there, if we perceive a setback, it is there.

In reality

If you read what I am writing carefully, you get that all conditions exist at the level of perception as perception, not as objective reality, really. We can perceive our opportunity or perceive our setbacks. When opportunity happens, that is a perception of advantage. When setbacks happen, that is a perception of disadvantage. So, how can you live a great life of discipline, thought, control, patience, tolerance and understanding, change your perceptions consciously, then unconsciously.

Indeed, poverty and riches are ideas of consciousness. Action and inaction is also an idea of consciousness. Take actions at right times, riches are achieved. Take action at wrong times, and poverty is achieved. Every thought we have in reality and action we take in reality comes down to this. I know, it seems cold and unfeeling in a way, but, think about it, reality is that objective, not so much cold, really. Just objective.

So, I think of the perceptions of great people: Let me use writers, philosophers, and poet-laureates Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Carlyle as examples. Ralph Waldo Emerson believed in a benevolent universe, Thomas Carlyle believed in a malevolent universe. Both had essentially the same goals in life and existence though. Both believed the same things at "opposite ends", but Emerson and Carlyle's perceptions about the same goal lead to different understandings of how to achieve the goal. Reality is that, all perceptions are false until proven true through realistic action on genuine principles. All we have to do first is think, act, generate and perceive rationally. Think and act with sanity and you will get sane results. Be genuinely insane and you will get insane results. I will keep this pretty simple and understandable. Reality works like this: Genuine reality is outside of perception, yet it is shaped by our perception, action on that perception and understanding.


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