Appropriate Styling for 50+ Year Old Women, Is there Such a Thing?

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Is there such thing as appropriate styles for women over 50

Appropriate Styling for 50+ Year Old Women, Is there Such a Thing?

Has anyone ever told you that you dress like a teenager, an old woman, or just right. Who made them experts at what a 50+ woman should wear? The influence society has in the lives of all its members is undeniable. Society inspects women from top to bottom.

Are the clothes appropriate to their age? Is the hairstyle age appropriate? Does make-up complement their age? Is there an appropriate style for women aged fifty and over? 50+ women pick their clothes, their hairstyle, and their make-up. Some decide on their own what is right; others choose the in-style for each season, and others consult experts in each field. Although society has a great influence on such matter, the answer lies in each woman, individually.


Many flattering styles are available at the stores, more so now than 30 years ago. Polyester was the greatest invention back then, but did nothing to flatter a woman over 50 years old. On the contrary, it made them look “their age.”

Today, designers have invaded the stores with fresh new fabrics, filled with patterns, shapes, and colors that can match their unique likes. Caution, not all styles flatter every woman’s figure.

A 50+ woman’s clothes should not be tight fitting. Please, do not think that they need to be baggy or big, just loose enough that the clothes complement their natural figure. The clothes should emphasize their better traits.

Colors chosen should complement their skin color. There are color pallets available with advice on what colors complement each skin color. Each can find what is right for them, either on their own, or with the help of a friend, family member, or stylist.


Just because a woman is fifty years old or older, it does not mean that their hair should reflect her age (grey hair), nor does it mean that they should wear a ponytail (no style). Grandma wore her hair that way back in the 1950’s.

Women, now a day, have a great variety of hairstyles to choose. The choices are either long or short, colored or grey, up or down, curly or straight, or any way they choose. Which one is right? As long as Individuality and uniqueness complement their look, then any chosen style is right. Professional hair stylists are well qualified to provide a consultation as to what style will enhance and flatter each woman.


Choosing the correct make-up is not an easy decision. Make-up styles and colors change often. Does that mean that she needs to change each time? No, it does not. Some make-up styles are daring, flashy, and perfect for younger looking skin.

Do they flatter 50+ women? 50+ women possess a natural beauty that the right choice of make-up can enhance. The best decision on what flatters them is their own.

There are those that adopt the new fashion trend and look ravishing, however, there are those that rather not follow the trend. Either choice is acceptable.

Their own individuality will be the largest influence in their final decision.

If a woman is unsure, make-up consultants can help. They can analyze her skin and suggest a care plan along with color compatible make-up options that result in a “just right” look.

Their own choice is the appropriate style.

Society’s influence carries weight on what appropriate styles are acceptable, but it is not a forced opinion. Women that are 50+ years old, regardless of society’s opinion, decide on what clothes to wear, how to style their hair, and whether to enhance their natural beauty with make-up.

Their own choice defines their individuality and uniqueness.


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author avatar Joyce Singha
11th Aug 2014 (#)

Whatever feels comfortable and looks decent, is good for me. If we are cognizant of ourselves, our clothes will reflect that as well.

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